Jabber's LA Meet up review is up!


Good info, thanks for posting it.

Great info here, sums up what I’ve heard from others. Sad to hear issues with the 8K for some of us. My eyes aren’t as precise anymore, but i do prefer the Odyssey over the original Vive. We have the Vive Pro at work, but I still like the Odyssey. Looking forward to the Pimax 5K+ now. I’m 8K Backer 6788, so a long time to wait for now. What’s your backer no.?

I’m high 4000’s so I wait also

The other guy next to SweViver is MRTV Sebastian :wink:

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Haha. That’s what I was thinkin!

I would take this review with a grain of salt.

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Never heard about those guys :sweat_smile:

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Quoted from the reviewer’s post on Reddit:

  • “SDE felt somewhere between Vive Gen 1 and Oculus”

WOW his Oculus must be amazing!

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He was talking about the 5KBE OLED version there, do you disagree with him? When do you get a sample?

That was about the oled pentile 5k

It is hard to rate 5K BE SDE level atm. I have heard “similar than vive gen1”, “between vive gen1 and cv1”, and “between vive pro and 5K+ but closer to vive pro, and noticeably better than vive gen1”.

@SweViver I’m sorry to tell you we may need again your photographer talent and equipment for another deep subpixels analysis :joy: