I've only used AMD GPU's with my Pimax Headsets the past 3 years

I am happy to share my experience or offer help if I can :wink:

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Owned the Crystal? If so, how was the performance?

I have a power color red devil 7900xtx.
Gigabyte 570x xtream motherboard
AMD 5950x CPU
32gigs ram 3600 14,14,14
just upgraded to the pimax crystal from the HP reverb G2 :slight_smile:
like I have had it for a day lol

a lot of tweaking to do that’s for sure, I play elite dangerous a lot . atm I do get a bunch of stuttering on foot tool out FPS is at 90 frame times a 6-9 ms GPU and 3-5 CPU
I am thinking now that is was the last amd graphic update that did this … not sure though

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Any updates on performance since last post? Still wondering how the Crystal is working on the 7900XTX?

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