It's probably futile, but can we all take a deep breath and act like adults?

The level of angst and animosity on this forum has been growing. I know it’s frustrating that Pimax hasn’t been communicating very well and that the 8K has been delayed numerous times, but PLEASE, let’s keep the forum civil.

Thank you.


Hi Neal,
Is there going to be any verification involved with getting the “Hands On” impressions?
Even just a backer number confirmation as Pimax should have a list of backer numbers that are attending the meetup?

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I don’t need to act like an adult since I am one :stuck_out_tongue:
Joking but I agree that some deep breath are much needed and showing some restrain and maturity shouldn’t hurt too much so lets try it.

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I won’t be able to do any verification, personally. The backer numbers have already been shared and I don’t have any official info, so I’m not sure if that’s sufficient. I’m just a mod; I don’t have any Pimax info.

I’ll do my best to ensure the thread stays on topic and reflects the opinions of people who were actually at the meetup.

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The reason I mentioned is because this will be one of the largest info dumps for us for a long time.
I’m just assuming that when the thread is unlocked that if if isn’t locked to specific people being able to post, it will get hectic pretty quickly.
I’ve seen how the forum threads get off topic pretty quickly, even with heavy moderation.

But I do know how to be civil (most of the time). The ONLY reason I took action was because others had flagged your posts. I’m a backer, so my current hardware ownership is a moot point.

Please let’s try to keep posts which someone is likely to flag to a minimum. Thank you.

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Hey you might not have agreed with the reason. But I am sure there was good reason as often we all lose our heads & need someone to help us get back on track. Much like @crony 's mention to kill the topic as it long ago ran it’s course on the Tokyo meet. Spiralling into something silly at best.

Like a parent choosing favorites between their kids.

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Agreed. I don’t think this forum has a way to limit topic posts to specific users. If it gets out-of-hand, I may have to lock the thread and ask meetup participants to PM me, so I can post for them. I truly hope that I don’t have to do that.

I agree that backer number should be required for posting impressions to the official thread.

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Something we might be able to do is simply move the Backer Reviews from the discussion topic into the review topic keeping it closed.

Because yes I agree after 3 or 4 days was pretty exhausted moving posts out of xunshu’s Topic that were not questions. No matter how many times asked folks to keep it to only questions. :grimacing:

Bumped your user level up 1.


Agreed to keep it as per pimax’s request for impressions.

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I absolutely agree that people are getting a bit over the top and need to chill. Additionally, there are folks in this forum who are not backers, have no dog in this hunt, and need to just shut the hell up.

That said, Pimax owns a significant part of this clown show due to their horrible communications and PR skills. So much going on now that could have been avoided. Let’s call the Tokyo meetup for what it was… an unmitigated disaster. It’s not unreasonable for folks to have doubts that Berlin is going to be any different because Pimax has a disturbing history of not learning from their mistakes.

I have zero faith that Pimax is capable of telling it to us straight, but I am choosing to keep an open mind because I am a believer in the saying, “don’t go by what people say, go by what people do”. I believe Martin has put a mind-numbing number of hours into testing the 8K and he would not do that if the 8K made him sick, gave him headaches from the eye-strain, or was simply unusable.

I will wait until after Berlin and get the opinions of people here who have demonstrated that they are ‘honest actors’ in this story.

If the report is bad, then I’ll go grab my pitchfork! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I dunno about a disaster based on @bubbleball 's discussion with someone that went. It seems to be mixed results.

But if we remember the Berlin meet is more info gathering & will let us know by those who go where things are at. It’s just shouldn’t be expected all good; otherwise the testers would have given some kind of near green light. Even if only Yellow.

Ie fix this this & this & should be good.

I’m not talking about the results, I’m referring to how Pimax conducted it. These are opportunities for Pimax to show they are the ‘adults in the room’ and they are failing.

It’s clear that Pimax could do a better job. However, imo, the only thing that really matters is that they ship a quality headset to all the backers. Let’s try to give them constructive criticism and guidance, so that they can do that.

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International projects with small companies often wonky.

Just be glad this isn’t Solar Roads; their backers still think that farce is legit.

Amen, brother! Preach!

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Not disagreeing. I’m a design engineer for a national lab and I’m used to a much higher level of competence/professionalism, so undoubtedly I’m a bit biased. :wink:

I understand the need to maintain perspective, but the ‘Solar Roads’ comment is a bit of a straw man… dude, you’re better than that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey in fairness until I watched the debunk video it sermed as they say too good to be true.

The big kicker was I should have remembered recycling glass; once colored can never be clear again. That & when he pointed out how hard to see during the day. :laughing:

Thw big kicker is they are still posting updates & backers are swallowing it up. (Been up since 2014?)

I workbfor a fortune 500 company & more often than is sane. Pimax has had better communication and that is sad.

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