It's been more than a week since we last heard from pimax

Meanwhile we could have expected that the production would already be several hundred units per week.


And it’s now 3:47pm on Monday afternoon in China.

Where is the Monday update? Or any update?


Not sure why is better?

Shymax with no updates

or Liemax with updates that are not true.

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with this upcoming delayed update they better have a good news

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Hi we are still collecting and sorting out the relevant data. I will update the production schedule asap.


Classified and collecting important data?
We ask for information about:

1- Number of units 5k+ and 8k have been sent.

2- What number of backers the shipments were left for.

3- of how many units of each model will be sent in the next lot.

(Until which number of partitioner the shipments will arrive)

4- what is the number of units manufactured per day.

We think they are currently stopped.

I am a sponsor number less than 150 and we continue without a tracking number. And it’s been more than a month since I received the first email of choice.

Could you answer? Thank you


The lack of communication and the slowdown are frustrating me a lot.
I have often taken sides with Pimax because I knew that a small company would face huge challenges with such a project.
However, with all the problems that exist, the communication towards the supporters must not suffer.

It is really about time, that the persons in charge get in touch with common facts and numbers here in the forum!


More lies…we were promised updates by @deletedpimaxrep1 before and never happend. Not gonna happen now either. Seems like whatever you do, you have more important stuff to do like some useless vr park instead of fulfilling your promises to backers.

I’ll post an update for production today. Please wait a little longer.


The Update should include new timetables or if it’s still 90% by Christmas, How?

December is a very hard month to get anything mass-shipped let alone delivered.


This company seems to be only problematic. This communication between this company and us supporters, is under all sow … I’m disappointed … I’m angry … I can not continue pimax recommend … so you do not go with people around the one existed in the first place …


Let us now when mass production will start.


Vorpx creator?

No, that would be Ralf Ostertag

No, I’m not that Ralf …

Well at least someone at Pimax FINALLY took the time to upgrade the forum software to the latest version. Pimax hadn’t done that in 2 years (and were still on v1.6.8), which is like pretty damn stupid, especially when the public change logs detail all security issue’s and fixes: releases - Discourse Meta

So, as of today, no more closed forum access for the whole world :slight_smile: Maybe Pimax is finally learning some things (like keeping software up to date)

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I wondered where you got your mystic abilities from lol


Ha, one nice new forum feature is that I now see that I see that “D” is (was) writing a reply :slight_smile: So you now see when others are typing. Too bad they still have that 20 char limit in place.

was but got sidetracked

under all sow - dein Ernst? :rofl:

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