It’s finally here! The Alpha Prize from the 8KX Event!

Hey @all!

Wow it tooks a long time… (well, we all know Pimax :yum::wink:) however… it’s finally here! I cannot believe it’s really true, but here we go:

Today I got the alpha prize from Pimax for wining the 8KX event contest. I really want to thank all my supporters and all of you voting for my story. I really really appreciate this.

Thank you to Pimax for this great day and also for your handwritten message. Anyway, the tshirt you sent is XXL. An I really that fat? :joy: normally I am taking M but never mind, it’s a really cool gift. The DP cable is also included. And for everybody else, here are some pictures of this unboxing :slight_smile:

Will back soon when I have done my exams. If I open this too soon, it would be not very good in terms of studying. As you can imagine, getting good grades and reviews of my exams would be much more difficult when I am doing simracing all the time with this new graphic card :wink: so… let’s keep it inside the box for not getting tempted by this powerful and colourful 3090 :blush:


Congratulations with the Beast!


So now at least we know that it is safe in a box for the next half year :slight_smile:

RMA it , :rofl:

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Glad you have it, I am sure you will be able to test it out with your sim racing stuff for everyone!

The handwritten note and T-Shirt seem at least as special to me as the main prize itself.

Yes, seems like. A bit sad that I cannot wear it because it will look like a big sack dress on me :joy::joy::joy:

Anyway, I was deeply pleased about the personal note on the present and the giveaway on top. Very very cool :slight_smile:

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Put it on your GF i’m sure she’ll look hot in it. lol

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