Is Viveport worthwhile?

I meant to ask this earlier and forgot. Just got a reminder that today was the last day for the early price on Viveport Infinity. I’m still waiting on my KS 8k and it will be my first vr hmd so all new to me. I’m not a fan of subscriptions to anything, but if you recommend Viveport, I’ll give it a try.

Thank you for any comments.

I think its definitely worth it. There are more than a few games i had wishlisted on steam that I was waiting for the price to drop before buying. But they are on Viveport.

Also lets be real, most VR games out there now are indie games, and 1/2 arent worth your time, and there are some unexpected gems, viveport gives you a chance to play these games without having to commit to buying them.

It also lets you play games that you may never have committed money to. For me I would never pay cash to play angry birds VR, but its on vive port so… yay.

I’ve only had vive port a a couple of months now , but its already saved me at least 100 bucks.

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I don’t know what it’s like today. I uninstalled it after it chewed up a product code, failed to download the product, forgot the product was registered, forgot who I was, refused to let me log in… and support didn’t care. I count them just a hair above Epic Game Store currently.

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I’ve been using VivePort for more than a year and I haven’t really experienced any of the horror stories I hear.

Worst case, a game doesn’t start but with PiTool (beta, willing or not) and SteamVR (beta) in the loop too I’m not sure who to blame? :wink:

I never really had any issues with my Vive on VivePort, but I might just have been lucky.

There’s content for at least a few months of Infinity subscription I would say… :grin:


It is for me, works great for Pimax and quite a few great games in there. However they don’t add too many quality games every month, so it’s good for 6 months - 1 year, then unsub, and resub when they have added enough content.


I tried to get NextVR working through vivelort to watch the nva finals in VR. but it gave some error 012000 . which i think means they only whitelist approved headsets.(wild speculation)

NextVr on steam works perfectly though.

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Maybe it will work with the “Vive Only Game” option toggled in PiTool (identifies the Pimax as a Vive)?

I like it a lot, most games I play are with my subscription.
I expect you to die
Angry birds etc