Is this possible if we make the meetup around the world by backer?

This is my joke idea which I reply in other topic.

  1. We need 2 volunteer in each country. First is 5k+ backer, second is 8k backer. Or 1 volunteer and send the both headset.
  2. Pimax will send headset to them first.
  3. Make the meetup at the main city.
  4. Backer who can’t make the decision will test the headset by themself, as we know that we can wait to answer the survey if we can’t make the decision right now.
  5. Give the option to each volunteer, if they don’t be happy with their 5k+ or 8k, they can change the headset.
  6. Poeple who stay in different city have to manage your schedule for the meetup by yourself, or go to the test later if he convenient.

I am not sure how much country, but it still be better than make more cost by other solution.
We already know that the review from other can’t let people to make the decision if we don’t test by ourself and if pimax don’t give more detail, I think we have to find some solution for this situation.

I have a plan to make the meetup in my country at my friend university (vr lab).
I think this is a chance of pimax to expand your market to other customer in the future too.

Just an idea.


I would do a meet up.

I live in Queens, NY and I’ve got a 1080 Ti.
Can go to Manhattan too if Pimax would like.

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