Is this dead/stuck pixel(s) on my 8kx? Pimax refusing RMA

Noticed this all of a sudden yesterday. It is present using both the fiber optic cable and the factory copper cable.

Could it be something between the lcd and the lens?

could be a dead pixel, is your 8kx still under warranty? If so file a support ticket.

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I have it for 10 months, clearly it is within 1 year warranty.

Submitted a ticket, response from Pimax:

“Thank you for your feedback. According to your description and the video provided, the yellow dots are caused by burning the screen. This fault is not covered by the warranty. Are you willing to pay for maintenance?”

Pimax is claiming I have damaged the LCD myself through exposure to sunlight or brigth light. Very frustrating.
This looks like all the sub-pixels (r,g,b) are stuck being on. One can see from the picture.

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How disturbing is it in gaming? Maybe you can play brighter games

Pimax accepted the headset for RMA, shipped it and they received it, now waiting for a replacement to be shipped out.