Is this 8KX DMAS new version?

I received email from Pimax ecommerce on Monday 13 June 22 that my 8KX DMAS was being shipped by FedEx to Australia.

I read topic discussing new version with better panel & backlight plus improved DMAS sound codec.

So I wondered, is there markings or unique serial number that identifies this newer version ? I assume my order will be supplied the new version but how to tell exactly ?

The email says :-

Dear customer,
Your shipping status has been updated!
Contains Products:

[‘Pimax Vision 8K X’, 'P2N_8KX_JT版通用包装_V柒+DMAS ']

Does anyone know what all the extra info after Pimax Vision 8K X means exactly ?

Also what version Pitool should I download for best compatibility ?

My system
Asus Gaming Plus X570 wifi mobo with AMD 5900X CPU. Gpu Inno3D RTX 3090 iChill X4. 16Gb DDR4 3600 CAS 16 Ram.

I am a simracing enthusiast but new to the Pimax scene coming from Reverb G2 after Oculus back to Dk2.

Very excited to experience a much higher FOV. My expectations are not high as I am not too bothered if the image is less than a G2. I do love tinkering & tweaking so maybe I will be happily surprised !?

Oh and I bought one Basestation 2.0 which will mount above and behind my 40inch monitor in front of my racing rig. It will sit on a stand approx 1.6m from my face, should be optimal I hope.

Pimax had a sale where I got the 8kx dmas + basestaion 2 and shipping for $1826 aussie which appears to be a good buy. Definitely will trade up to the 12K model if & when !

Cheers from sunny Queensland :blush:

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Nobody can tell me anything !?

It was discovered that there were different versions of the 5K+ and the sr#s were an indicator, but i haven’t heard if the 8KX has a similar clue.
As for the sound, if it doesn’t have a high pitched whine you’ll likely survive even if the new codec hasn’t improved the base much.
You do appreciate how good it is in either sound or video will be up to you and what you expect and are used to?

Look forward to you posting what you think when it arrives. :smiley: GL

The dmas is the new version, so the answer is yes, your 8kx is the latest version. You can check it by yourself, the new version has the 2001 firmware

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Thanks very much for the info and yeah I mainly wanted the wide FOV.

As much as I like the G2 image quality and it is very nice, now after 7 or so years in VR it just feels a bit claustrophobic with such a narrow view.

I remember being totally wowed when I first tried my new Oculus Dk2 back in 2014 and I think the first time in 8KX may be similar.

Cheers guys and I will let you know my 1st impressions next week ! :grin:

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I actually find myself in small fov almost all the time except for AC which I run at normal. Having shed the glasses, i can get in so tight the diff is minor to me and I like the 144 Hz and higher res i can achieve, but that’s the 5K+ which i also run Pitool at 1.5 to 2 PD

Nice ! I have much to learn with Pimax 8kx

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