Is there way to disable or bypass the proximity/motion sensor in the Pimax 5k+?

I thought that I had figured it out, but it looks like I did not. I am using Pitool v. 112.

Whenever I leave the headset unattended for a few minutes the display turns black. Seems that the hmd goes to sleep. If I reboot in Pitool, the picture comes back, but the sound disappears.

Is there a setting somewhere or some other way to avoid this? Can I stop the hmd from going to sleep mode when not wearing it?

Appreciate your help.

Thank you!

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The current Pimax headsets have no proximity sensor, they enter sleep mode when they don’t detect movement within a few minutes.
Until Pimax gives us the option to extend the period or turn off the behavior, we’ll have to depend on gifted hackers.


Thanks for the clarification!

WANTED: GIFTED HACKER to show me how to extend the time that a Pimax 5k+ can be motionless without going to sleep!

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@Super27 I don’t understand your problem. I can remove my headset in the middle of a game, do something else and then put on the headset and I am back in the game.

Only the controllers can sometimes play up a bit.


How long can you keep your hmd motionless before it goes to sleep?

If I leave mine for more than two minutes it goes to sleep mode and I cannot wake it up without loosing the sound in X-Plane11.

Have you tried rebooting the headset or restarting the Pimax services?

yes I have. The hmd will reboot, but not render inside the hmd, just only on the monitor. Or it will render, but then I loose the sound in X-Plane11.

It goes to sleep almost immediately but as soon as I pick it up and put it on it wakes up.

Maybe you are losing the sound because X-Plane11 doesn’t have focus anymore, just click on it on your monitor to set focus to it.

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I don’t understand. Click on what?

The game on your monitor.

Thanks! I will give it a try.

PiTool .121 changed the sleeping behavor a bit, in case you haven’t tried it yet.
Also there is a SteamVR setting that might have some influence(just speculation).

SteamVR idle setting


I am using PiTool .121.

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I cannot use Pitool v. 121. It does not work with X-Plane. Had to revert to Pitool v. 112 to fly X-Plane.

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Hopefully someone from Pimax will read this thread. Maybe they can incorporate a fix for this in the next issue of Pitool.

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Don’ smack me if I am wrong here as I am at work can double check for you tonight. I took care that issues if i recall by going to windows settings for the the usb port the HMD uses and disabling allow windows to put it to sleep in power management. My HMD remains on untill i tell the pooddle to sit and turn off.

I cant recall exactly where that reside in windows 10

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You can effectively disable SteamVR device standby with the standby_timeout_min and enable_screen_saver options in C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Local/Pimax/runtime/profile.json.

Be sure to restart PiServiceLauncher (Start > Run > Enter services.msc > Right click PiServiceLauncher > Restart) after editing the file for the changes to take effect.

   "Pimax P2 8K Formal" : {
   "enable_screen_saver" : 0,
   "standby_timeout_min" : 14400

Hi Genesis,

This may be the ticket I have been looking for. :+1::smiley:
I have added those two lines using Notepad++.
I will try this tomorrow. How do I restart the PiService Launcher?
Edit: Found it. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your advice! Really appreciate it.

All the best,



My 5k+ has never been to sleep in its life. Until I physically stop the power to it, it’s on.
I haven’t tried latest pitool. I’ve stopped using pimax as I can’t get the experience enjoyable at all.