Is there anyone that tried this Usb-To-Bluetooth-Convert-Adapter?

Is there anyone that reads Japanese that could help please?

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What do you want to do with it?
Whatever you want to do, it’s USB 1.1 so it’s good for a keyboard, a mouse or a gamepad.

Make the cinemizer headtrack wifi.

Would that work?

How can i make sure that this device is a usb 1.1 device ?

Also where the power goes in this usb2ble converter ?

Thank you!

@MarcoBalletta - I’m still looking into this stuff, as I am setting up to get GTA V working with wheel/face tracking/monitor(Vorpx/vr is too demanding for this game), and I came across Smartphone Headtracking. I haven’t used it myself, I had opentrack setup once when using OSVR, but I settled on a different tracking solution. It might be worth trying, as you/most people probably have a spare smartphone laying around.

Thank you! I came accrooss that earlier but i would like to avoid wearing my phone on my head

The Pimax 8k has two free USB-C ports, just take something like this:

You may prefer to find and angled one to use the bottom port.

The reason why I want to use cinemizer headtracker is to play non vr games (pc and console games) in a setup where I can walk though my play area, with projector panels around my play area.
I would like to not have wires on me since the device/s I use to walk in games are wireless and I would use the cinemizer headtracker to move my view in game and direction in game, 360 degree. Practically I am adding room scale feeling to any non vr pc game and non vr console games

If I connect the cinemizer headtracker to the pimax, I have 2 problems:

  1. I would be wired to an headset that I would not be using for my gameplay

  2. I would be still wired to something and the point is to go wireless

Why were yo suggesting me to use the pimax port?

What were you think we could use the cinemizer head tracking for since u suggested to connect it to the pimax?

Since you’re posting Pimax forum I was expecting you to use the Pimax indeed, I thought you wanted “improved” tracking without LH.

In any case, I think your device is probably 3 DoF and does not have positional tracking. It will probably be better to use a Kinect that will detect your position. Another way would be to use a Vive tracker if you already have LH:

What device?

Unfortunately non vr games and console games , can not be played with positional tracking using kinect or vive trackers

Vive trackers are not compatible with non vr games and they are not compatible with console games.

In general, Kinect in vr, has problems with 360 degree tracking. The moment you get out of the reach of the camera, you lose tracking.

I do not think it was clear that I was talking about non vr games and console games not meant for vr

By device, I mean Cinemizer.
I don’t know how your setup is supposed to work, but you need to find out what kind of USB you need and how to power it.