Is there anyone found dead pixel on 8k+?

I just buy 8k+ from my friend and I found the dead pixel on the left eye, it is small pixel, but the issue is it stay at the middle of the eye and can see easily when it show the same color on display.

I check the policy and it need the 3 dead pixels , I think this policy use the standard of general pc monitor while only 1 dead pixel on vr headset can break the immersion.

I don’t want to be serious while I let the headset for people to rent and test and I will buy 8k x later.
But I am afraid of getting the headset with dead pixel again and will be very disappointed.

So, I want to know has anyone found this issue like me and how do you feel?


Hi bubbleball, I am 8K original backer and my HMD came with dead pixels too, but I really had to look at it and as you say with bright colors too. So I did not want to do the RMA precess to waste money and time. So no big problem and it did not break any immersion at all. :sunglasses:

I too will be extremely disappointed if my 8KX contains any dead pixels. The price point is simply too high for that. That being said, PimaxUSA claims that the 8KX units undergo additional testing that takes an entire day, so I hope this covers that.


Simply put they have altered this policy a few times. Imho it would depend in where the Deadpixel is.

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This 8kX has no dead pixels, so there is that data point at least.

My 5k+ does not seem to have any dead pixels, but does seem to have at least one dark dust pixel on the screen, which I have not removed due to concern about possibly causing further damage.

I feared dead pixels before getting my 5k+, but I found the dark spot far easier to ignore than I would have expected. At this point, I have to specifically look hard for several seconds to notice it.

Pixels on the 8kX are so small and numerous, I think a single dead pixel might be so easy to ignore, it might not be worth the hassle shipping back.

That said, stuck pixels are a very different matter. A bright red spot of any size would not be tolerable.

My 5KXR had a stuck green pixel despite having a sheet in the box saying that it passed some kind of inspection for that… I think. Actually, its been so long now that I can’t remember if dead/stuck pixels were a part of that evaluation. The stuck pixel didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would, but its not something I would want to deal with on a $1400 HMD.

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I don’t there is any display technology for which stuck pixels should be considered a tolerable defect.

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There is not enough data as no 8kX’s have been released save pre production models. If the 8kX is using the same panels as the 8k+ then it seems possible to receive one with said defect as there seems to 8k+ with this defect.

As for the 5k+ and I believe og 8k there have been more than a small number to have received headsets with a variety of screen defects.

We will know more on possible potential fallout after a fair number of 8kXs are received. Lets hope that the extra testing ensure no headset ships with pixel defects.

I can tell you depending on color(stuck) pixel(worst in my opinion) or a dead pixel. Once noticed can be hard to unsee. With my previous TV had 1 stuck cyan pixel. Very annoying as my eyes would shift to it’s position often.

Indeed, this is just one unit, and I did say stuck pixels are intolerable.

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If you have stuck pixel or a bright dot of colour that fails to update when neighbouring pixels change try JScreenFix it works magic. I had a stuck pixel on my 5k+ JScreenFix solved my problem.


Yes had my 5k+ rma due to dead pixel in center of vision, could not unsee it. Sent it in and the sent replacement. Now I have a crack although the black case had felt much better. Not soft and squeaky as the first one was.


Thank you, will try it.

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It gets checked via an automated testing system that has a lot of data points to check for and dead pixels is one of the criteria. It then goes to the team who hand checks each one in a lengthy process.

This doesn’t mean a dead pixel is impossible as they can occur well after tests have been made but it does reduce the incidence dramatically.


You can also try VR Stuck Pixel Fixer


My 5K+ has one semi-dead pixel. It’s hard to explain, you can only see it in certain colours, so I think some of the sub pixels work. It’s off to the side though so I barely notice it.

Stuck pixels can also be an issue caused by the Cable too. I had an issue with my 8K Plus when it arrived in July where when I booted my PC and put the headset on the top half of the right panel would be static garbage. If I powered off the headset and powered it on again, it would come good until the next reboot.

I reported this to support and they replaced the cable (although it took 2 months for it to get to Australia from China). Now the issue with the right panel has gone, but occasionally I get a couple of black pixels on the same right panel, but only from time to time, and it’s near impossible to photograph and or reproduce consistently. I can say however that I never saw these with the old cable, and if I connect the old one back to the headset, I do not get them now, but I do get the issue with the static on the right panel on my first boot… Without being able to send pictures of the pixels however, support are not able / willing to do anything

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I just test my acer ojo 500 on my laptop and it found 2 dead pixel on the left and right display, but not found on my pc.

I change the new headset and it found the same issue. I think it caused by port of laptop.

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