Is there any way to view Steam VR settings "in game"

I just started playing Derail Valley and the game mirrors on my entire monitor while playing in the headset so I was wondering if you can view and change the Steam VR settings like super sampling scale in my headset? Thanks

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I am not sure. But from my understanding the monitor should act like a mirrored/cloned display. Rendering goes to say the headset & mirrored on the desktop.

Your Steamvr SS should be applied to headset.

EDiT: yes FPSVR will show you SS settings in game.

Ok but doesnt the SS in SteamVR automatically adjust to whats best for the headset, Problem is I cant see what SS is in SteamVR cause when I turn on the game in headset, my whole monitor mirrors the image so I cant get to my desktop to view SteamVR settings :frowning:

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The program FPSVR will overlay in the headset. It costs under $10.

Good for tweaking settimgs as it shows fps & cpu & gpu timings.


Ok, i have that, yes its very helpful. It shows SteamVR SS settings??


Yes if you look it will show Steamvr SS.

In game I think it’s total value.

On desktop for sure alt-tab if in game to bring in focus it shows Global & per ap value.


Thx! 2020202020202…

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With fpsvr you can even change the steam ss on the fly both global and per app. Depending on the game if works or not though.