Is there any way to make the 8kx lighter? maybe some weight reduction mods, or is it just the bad headstrap!

After using the quest 2, I noticed that I was missing on so much immersion just by feeling the weight of my hmd, when using the quest 2, I forget that I am even wearing it and feel so much more immersed and comfortable, then I put on my 8kx, and feel like I am missing out. anyone have done their own tinkering?


The possibilities for weight reduction with PC VR headsets will probably only be limited to the accessories for the time being. Whereby a Quest 2 and 8KX cannot really be compared with one another in terms of the different performance and application areas.

Future weight reductions will also depend on the development of the material and are also reflected in the final price. Until then, the low budget Ikarus Mod (LBIM deluxe) might be an option. :wink:


Strange I dont notice I have a headset on with the MAS if I push it down fare in the back so it dont rest on my cheek, ofc you cant have the top strap to long.

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Various tinkerings here:

Personally I’m using two Studioform Creative items including the counterweight, so much more comfortable now. I did a DIY counterweight for the 5k+ but was not very good, or compact, so I much prefer this:


Fantastic idea, love it.

So a normal amusement park balloon can lift about 14 grams.
~ 50 to 70 should suffice to gain enough lift.

Alternatively any self respecting VR enthusiast who doesn’t want to deal with drag could invest in something like this.

Or have a drone hover over your head, that would be a fun robotics project.


I’m also using the Studioform counterweights, which I really like.

It may seem strange to add weight to the headset, but it balances the load, so it’s much more comfortable. I only notice the extra weight when I rapidly turn my head. I’m able to wear my 8KX for a long time now, without feeling neck strain, up to 2.5 hours, whereas without the counterweights, I needed to quit after 1 hour or so.


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