Is there any security suite (i.g. internet security) that works with the pimax

I did deinstall mine longe time ago, because of the pimax software.

Is there a security suite that works with it ? There are more pimax useres here, so its worth a question.

OK, why using snakeoil?

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I use malwarebytes

Cool does that actually work ? Because i ran out of my license.
And i would really like to have a software that works with my Pimax.
Its always good to ask the hive.

what are you talking about ?

i use since 32 years „Brain“. (not brain.exe!!) No problems so far. :joy:

I use Kaspersky for years with Pimax without any problems.

I think he refers to the many types of security and their effectiveness for what you pay. That would be an individual decision. Personally. I have only used retail free trial versions to full scan before a system back.

I have found the best security to be invisible when needed, know what not to do and back up your systems. I have 3 computers and all have external backup drives. Never needed them for rescue but if I did have an attack or drive fail I can be back up and running in 30 min.

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