Is there an proper Solution for ghosting on the 4k with SN 100?

sorry for asking this since this Topic is quite known. I just wondered what ATM. is the best way to solve/compensate the ghosting that appears in 4k Headsets with SN100.
Ive read that the Panels used in the SN100 Models are to bad to display 60hz, has anyone tested out yet which Frequency is best to be used to avoid the ghosting? CRU might help out with that, i am just wondered that Pimax dident posted a proper Solution to this yet(or at least i havent seen so). Ive also read that enabling “Hidden Area Mask” can solve this Problem, but for me with PiTool, that always ended in a Blackscreen in SteamVR, so idk about this.

The ghosting shouldent be an Software Issue, the VR View from SteamVR shows everything clearly on my Monitor, i could imagine that another Reason for this may be that the Pimax gets too much Bandwidth from the GPU and is overloaded?

Pleas share your Experience,

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Unfortunately it seems pimax is no longer investing time in the p4k or p1:series headsets (no new Firmwares). The p4k suffers ghosting in large part due to the Sharp 4k panels that were also used in Earlier Sony Xperia phones.

Best hope is for pimax to opensource the p1:series firmware @nordic @Alex.liu @PimaxQuorra

The p4k you can reduce ghosting by using more say gamepad to change view. Ie in Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR Dlc. Balancing some head movements with gamepad control.


I tried my 4K a few weeks ago to test the power of a friends laptop. I was shocked to see how bad the ghosting was. This is not what I remember from way back, it used to be muuuuch better

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Did you used PiPlay in the Past? Maybe some of the Updates caused this.


Yea those were piplay days back then. But I didn’t want to search for the old software.

Anyone know the right link to the best version?


Possibly though suspect it maybe more our memory more flaweed. @Enopho would be best as has tested piplay vs pitool.


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