Is there a way to limit FPS in VR?

Just thinking outloud wasn’t Pimax saying they will bring a 60FPS mode?

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I would assume msi afterburner fps limiter would work?
I have not test this but I cant imagine why it wouldn’t.

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If/when other refresh modes implemented it should limit fps much like the p4k did.

Read somewhere that a new kind of vsync which can be enabled with the afterburner package acts like a frame limiter. Will try when home next year :crazy_face:

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Of course „native“ 60,72 and 80Hz Support via pitools would be best.
I wonder what there is, which makes it so difficult to implement…


I’m a WIndows programmer who has written hardware drivers. There probably isn’t anything particularly difficult, I think. It’s likely a matter of trying to improve software stability; debugging things like that can be HARD and should take precedence over adding new features.