Is the RTX 2070 enough for the pimax 5k+?


All the post that discuss about this are a bit old, i was wondering please if the RTX 2070 is enough to run smoothly the 5K+. with the full FOV 200.

I am planning to buy a laptop with the RTX 2070, i do travel a LOT. so i can’t have a desktop.

Also please should i go with i5 8400 or i7 8700 ( 200$ more expensive)

I want use this laptop mainly for VR.
Thank you very much :wink:


2070 will work in a lot of games, The more graphically intense games will need their settings dialed down. I’d always go with an i7, should have more cores.

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But the i5 8400 and the i7 8700 have same core just more 12 threads instead of 6.

are this 12 threads worth for vr ?

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Also can the rx2070 run the full large FOV ?


I would think it would depend on the game and the quality setting, but yes, you should be OK. Since you have a 20xx GPU, you should be able to run “fixed foveated rendering”, which should help.

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Yeah, again you’d probably have to change some game settings to get it up to 90fps.
Really to me the large FOV is not much different than medium and of course shows more distortion at the edges.

If you can be over 36 fps you can go with the 72Hz Version brainwarped…

Just went from a Gygabyte1070 to an Asus Rog Strix 2080 so looking forward to seeing the difference.

The i5 should be enough in your range… Bottleneck will mostly be the GPU

As owner of a RTX 2070 and PIMAX 5k+ I can comfirm … everything works great!


Fastest i5 8600k would be a better chose for Money.