Is production expected to quickly ramp up after the first 100 Pimax 8K X units?

And also how many people have backed or pre-ordered the 8K X? It would give us a sense of how long it would take for people to receive the headset. Perhaps let people know their queue number based on when they ordered.



This would be nice, although having ordered in Jan i expect to be way down the list :frowning:


I originally ordered the 8KX in late November 2019, changed it to the 8K+ in late December and then changed it back to the 8KX in mid January. So I hope my queue would still be from November.

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This would be nice to know if possible. I ordered on the 30th October. I’m optimistic about the comments made by pimaxusa and the improvements made to the 8kx since CES especially the audio.

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If there isn’t something wrong with my addition (shoots one last desperado, and spits out cigarillo stump) there should be 400 Kickstarter backers.


The 100 is basically a test for fitting parts, they havent ruled out modifications being required, so basically the fact they are building 100 still doesnt tell us (or them) anything about how quickly the next 100 or 1000 will follow with any degree of certainty.


…and you probably shouldn’t wish for being sent one of those first 100 units as they are still sort of beta units I would guess, with some improvements coming afterwards…


Take a trip back to the year 2018 and ask Pimax where did 230 5K+/8K units disappear to.


What might be really cool: A weekly updated info graphic with the following informations per headset type (mainly 8k-X and Artisan):
------------------- Backlog -------------------

  • Number of backer headsets to deliver: X
  • Number of preorders to deliver : Y

------------------- Production ---------------

  • Number of headsets in production: A
  • Number of headsets in final testing: B

------------------ Delivery ---------------------

  • Number of headsets in delivery: C

------------------ Arrived ---------------------

  • Number of headsets arrived for backers: E
  • Highest Backer Number already delivered to: xxxx
  • Number of headsets arrived for preorders: F

------ Feedback from survey going to owners (*) ---------
Comfort: 1-10
Clarity: 1-10
Undistorted image (small): 1-10 (normal): 1-10 (large) 1-10
Low/No Screendoor Effect: 1-10
Colors: 1-10
Audio for standard MAS owner: 1-10
Audio for deluxe MAS owner: 1-10
Is the experience good for long playing sessions? (aggregates comfort, FPS, eye-strain etc.): 1-10
Owned GPU: < 1070/2060 [ ] 1070/2060 [ ] 1080/2070 [ ] 2080 [ ] > 2080 [ ]

*: Could optimally be a hidden section in the user profile where people can enter their opinion for headsets they own. Only the aggregation would be publically visible. The advantage of that compared to a survey would be that people could raise their scores if e.g. better firmware, deluxe MAS etc. becomes available.


Yup. But also the priority:

  1. 8KX backers (400)
  2. Backer “upgrades”
  3. Pre-orders

There’s a post somewhere saying approximately how many headsets that sums up to, but I can’t remember 100%… I think it was 5000.


Thats quite a bit!

Hopefully I’m early in the queue >_>


You mean the Deluxe Audio; as that is the only real improvement over the above and away from ear audio. :laughing:


Lol completely agree I do feel the deluxe audio should be std on the 8kx high end audio to match the high end visuals and high end price!!!


The standard MAS should be only offered for those whom want something cheaper as they plan to use their own audio headset. The design just doesn’t work for an immersive experience.

I feel for any whom backed the VR Party with an open space Arcade in mind.


Totally agree. I’ve never been an audiophile but when I first tried my index it was the sound that impressed me the most and what a difference It made to the overall experience. I’m sure Pimax will improve the driver in the std Mas but it can’t compete by design. They have the comfort and visuals nailed why not the sound? The deluxe should be std on a £1300 headset only.


At this point I would rather they finish production of the 8K X with standard MAS. The DMAS is 6 weeks behind SMAS and can be attached to the 8KX at a later date.


I thought Sebastian said in his (pre-release) 8K-X video that Pimax had said that the sound drivers in the MAS would be updated for the final release.

Personally I don’t mind as I’m hoping I can use my nuraphone’s via the USB-C port on the 8K-X. Anybody else done audio via the USB-C ports instead of the standard audio jacks?

I get your enthusiasm for receiving the 8kX as soon as possible. I just feel for the cost of the 8kx Pimax’s flagship model, it should have the best sound quality pimax can provide both directional and with bass. The dmas looks great but it should not be an optional extra. When the Index was released a good percentage of the praise was for the audio. I think it would be great if Pimax could do the same.
*i am aware the final product has not been tested and I am speculating about the mas sound quality.


The Drivers cannot improve the poor placement of the Audio being Above and away from ear. No isolation value. Index will suffer less isolation issues due to the speakers being in alignment to project into the Ear Canal.

This Audio solution will likely be as good or possibly better as might have larger driver for Bass.

I doubt it will be as good as the over ear Artisan using the p4k speakers.


To be perfectly frank, I am at a complete loss as to why my upgrade order, as a kickstarter backer, should be served before a non-backer who pre-ordered before I did, but I guess at least I am on the privileged side of the fault line. :stuck_out_tongue: