Is my setup good for 5k+

I am questioning whether my setup would be better for 5k+, specs as follows.

  1. Asus x299 rog rampage vi apex mobo.
  2. I9 7900x cpu.
  3. Evga 2080tiftw3/asus rig strix 2080ti oc SLI.
  4. 3000MHZ 32gb ram.
  5. Samsung 970 pro nvme 1tb ssd.

I have tested a friends 5k+ before i had sli setup in my pc and it was not able to maintain fps and there was lots of lag in vr games as a result ( not the lag from slow internet, i have 300mbps down and 30mbps up), so now got sli for my personal and work needs, will this support 5k+ and maintain solid 90fps. Thanks.

There are only, like, a dozen VR games that actually support SLI. So, for the most part, in VR, that second card is just for decoration.

Also, there is no “This guarantees 90FPS” hardware options. I have 2080ti, some games I drop as low as 30 FPS, others I have power to spare. You have a good system, it’ll run most things well


@mp4x i believe sli in 2080ti is different as there is no master and slave gpu and both act as masters and nvlink has about 200gbps bandwidth so it should be better but i am not sure.

Yeah, nvlink really doesn’t do much at all for VR - @VoodooDE made a bench video that might help ya - Der NVLink / SLI Virtual Reality Benchmark! - RTX 2080 Ti vs. 2x RTX 2080 Ti [German] - YouTube