Is Microsoft tired of AR?

What’s going on there?
Finn Sinclair :us_outlying_islands: auf Twitter: „Joining my teammates in sharing some sad news. Yesterday, the entire #MRTK team was eliminated from Microsoft. I can’t express how grateful we are for our open source community and all of the amazing people we’ve collaborated with over the years. 1/x“ / Twitter

American congress terminated the military contract for the hololens. They studied it and a substantial amount of soldiers reported problems like nausea.




Yes when you see HP get tired of the MR platform.

All tech pundits who have long almost to a man stated: “I don’t care for VR; AR - now that’s what I’m waiting for – that’s gonna be the future!”, have always left me somewhat not seeing it… Of course, that’s my personal interests next to theirs, and I have never seen the appeal in the today utterly society-permeating social media services and iDevices they have always been all about, either, so what do I know… :7

From what Djonko roughly summarises above, it occurs to me that the primary universal, strictly enforced design paradigm for AR/MR applications - operating system level, may need to be: “Display on only whilst user directly asks for, or actively uses it, or in emergencies.”, even if MR objects (floating screens may be their own kettle of fish (EDIT: Walking around constantly distracted by a little HUD up at your brow, and so on)), can be perfectly anchored in the world, and depth of field can be perfectly matched…


Wmr had only survived through HP anyway. I already said this 2 years ago. FS was a last gasp. But that MS will drop AR before Apple jumps on the bandwagon, I never would have guessed that

Well, Microsoft had already aggressively tried to push Windows Tablets on the market, given up on them, and forgotten all about it, long before there was an iPad, so… :7

Apple users didn’t want a tablet function either (official statement before Steve Jobs)
Before Apple started using Intel CPUs, I was still an SGI and Mac disciple. :joy:

They eliminated the team. Does that mean they’re all fired? Or did they have a Re-Org and that team is no more, but members merged horizontally into a different team that will cover such types of things in the future?

Now I kind of wonder what a Newton would be like in a Google Cardboard-like sleeve - those sexy LCDs of the era… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There seems to be layoffs all over the sector, FWIW, with M$ dropping some 10.000 people across all the game studios they have spent the last couple years sweet-talking into feeling safe about letting themselves get bought-out… :stuck_out_tongue:

They has always been also good at this in all other software circles.