Is it now safe to use OC Home?

I´ve read earlier that OC Home will cause serious problems with Pimax after installing.

Nothing I have read or heard would make me feel confident to install OCHome or any other Oculus software for Pimax.

SteamVR works well enough for me.

I wrote to Support and they said that i´ts safe now. Don´t know if i dare though…

Did they say which version was safe?
When I installed that latest (a few month ago) I had to get support to get Pimax going again.
However if someone has a go and it works then, providing there was something VR I wanted to run, I could be tempted again.

I had the issue (few month ago) too after installing OC home, it was current stable version, so if its safe - then only in beta version.

I have it installed now and it seems okay, although i get random headset freezes (tracking stops but the game runs) don’t think it is because of oculus tho.

I have not used extended mode but I have quickly tested that it works, and it does.

So what version of OCHome is it that you have installed?
The latest as on the Oculus web site or en earlier version?
Also, what Pimax firmware and Piplay versions?

[quote=“LukeB, post:7, topic:1326”]
So what version of OCHome is it that you have installed?
Also, what Pimax firmware and Piplay versions? [/quote]

latest version

@LukeB same as you

Piplay 1.1.92
Firmware Version:

I do have a regular problem tho, which is whatever is rendering to the pimax will continue to render but stuck, no head tracking. So if i am playing a game it will continue to play in the pimax but when i look a round there is no movement, the scene remains fixed.

I don’t think this has anything to do with oculus home, but is anyone else getting this, or any ideas about it ?

MAny thnanks

No not which version.

OK. Thanks.
I am tempted but I’m a bit worried of loosing my SteamVR working properly if I change anything at the moment.
Elite Dangerous is working beautifully at the moment and I don’t want to take the risk of stuffing that up.
I can’t think of what I would run with OCHome anyway.

I bought VorpX but can’t seem to get it to work properly with anything yet (even games that are suppose to work with it).
Probably a waste of momey.

Yeah don’t bother, it’s not worth it, i installed it for DiRT and eurotruck neither of which i got working,

I got Vorpx working with fallout 4 and gta 5, it was processor intensive but it worked okay, was a few months ago. I remember it took a while. (not 100 per cent on this) but i think i got it working in direct and extended mode. I decided to leave it till i upgraded to a better pc.

I did decide it was a waist of money too, Tridef is better but no native head tracking. I like mydream swift to, it is good in some games, easy to use and does head tracking well.

There is plenty of info about how to use Revive, SteamVR and PiMax Mode.

HOWEVER: not all Oculus games purchased on Oculus Home work with Revive and SteamVR. Revive does not support all games.

The PiMax advertises that Direct Mode or Extend mode can be used with various versions of Oculus driver software, but I have not been able to get it working nor have I found any info of how to use direct or extend mode with Oculus driver versions. Any advice out there?