Is anyone using the Vive lighthouses and Vive controllers for the Pimax 8K/5K+

I just bought a Vive HMD kit on Ebay with all the base stations and controllers. I am planning on using the base stations and controllers for my Pimax 8K/5K+. I heard this could be done?? I was wondering if anyone is doing this and has any advice for setting everything up. Thanks


Anyone at present using LHes.

I have never used lighthouses (another term for base stations??) in any VR set up. With my PSVR it resourced the camera. All my other HMD’s (Deepoon E3, Pimax 4K, Odyssey+) were strictly gyros inside the headset, so Im a big Noob when it comes to the lighthouses and such. Do you need the Vive lighthouses to operate the Vive controllers?

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Yes the vive wands track like the headset by reading off the LH lasers.

Any of the Vive tutorials for setting them up will be the same.

V1.0 lighthouses either need to see one another or sync via a cable.

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Thanks for the quick reply, can always count on you to be in front on the computer to be quick with a response :wink:

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Your welcome. Though having the forum on my phone helps a lot. To see new posts sooner.

A lot if backers with the headsets here have Vive LHes & can likely offer assistance in getting it uo & running as some have or are experiencing hiccups here & there.

If any of the testers are around are of course another valuable resource. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I have lighthouses and vive wands and will be using them.

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Using 1.0 lighthouses/wands and rec. Vive Link Box for SteamVR Power Management unless you won’t mind having to constantly unplug/replug power to the lighthouses.

Power Management without Vive Link Box was a no-go on my side.


Disconnect Vive Link Box if in use.

Power on lighthouses

If using two 1.0 lighthouses, use the channel button in back of lighthouse & set to channel B and the other to channel C. (If Using only 1, set to channel A)

Make sure the lighthouses can see each other so they can sync up. (Solid green light with channel B/C indicated in yellow)

Pair Controllers in PiTool

Run PiTool’s Room Setup

Complete Room Setup

If Vive Link Box will be used, connect it now and SteamVR will be able utilize it for Power Management of Wands/Lighthouses.


Nice, thanks for the excellent tutorial!


How do you properly connect the Link Box

Do you connect the Pimax 8K/5K+ into the yellow connections on link box, then connect link box to PC via USB and HDMI


dont plug anything into the Yellow connections on link box and simply connect the link box to the PC with just the USB(or USB and HDMI).


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Received the 5k+ today - yiihaa!!! Have never had VIVE before (been using Rift and Sammy Odyssey+ until now), so I have a noob question: Do you need the VIVE “link box”, in order to have SteamVR recognise the lighthouses? I bought 2 lighthouses on eBay and they can see EACHOTHER (“B” on the one lighthouse and “C” on the other with steady green light in both lighthouses. Can’t get SteamVR to regognise them in Bluetooth, in fact can’t even see them in the Windows 10 Bluetooth setup config, leading me to believe that the bluetooth recognition from the computer is with the LINK-BOX (that I haven’t got) and that the lighthouses talk to the link box? I have been trawling the VIVE forums and FAQ’s to no avail, so if any Pimax user have been down this road recently, and are able to shine any light on it, it sure would be appreciated! Cheers and thanks - Eivind

I would say most of us or at least a large part of us do use the Vive LH and controllers. the headset has very limited use without them.

Works like a charm just as they do with the vive.

Thanks - my problem at the moment is that I can’t get either of the 2 VIVE 1.0 lighthouses I bought on eBay to talk via Bluetooth to the computer. Do I need a “LINK BOX” for that to happen?


No the pimax will conect with them, just plug em with power and go trough the setup in the Pitool

Thanks - I’ll keep at it! Should I expect to see them (the lighthouses) in SteamVR?

There is no need to make your lighthouses to talk to your computer over the BT. BT is used (only) for the power management, which Pimax does not suport.

You however need to setup the play space, check the doc:

EDIT: You should be able to see the lighthouses on the BT scan though, they are not “hidden” or anything like that.


After they are paired in pitool, you can see them in steamvr

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You need to do room setup in both pitool and then in steamvr people are saying. I’ve tried both and it doesn’t seem to make any difference either way.

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