IS 3x Motion Smoothing even useful? Can we disable it?

Does anyone feel like the 3x motion smoothing feature is the pits? For example if my frames are running at 35-50 and that’s fine if it smoothes it to 37, but I don’t want it to drop to 25 everytime a frame exits to 35 fps. let it go like it does when for example we have motion smoothing off and we get 76 fps it will vsync to match 75 hz, but then it drops to 73 it drops to 37 with motion smoothing. That looks OK, but the switch down to 25 is AWEFUL. Complicated but just a thought as I thought along time ago there was no 3x motion smoothing.

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It’s worse than useless; it’s intolerably horrible and can’t be turned off unless you completely disable Stupid Smoothing (it certainly can’t be called ‘Smart Smoothing’ any longer.) It’s also far too aggressive about turning on. I’ve repeatedly requested a way to turn this OFF completely. As it stands, it’s less than useless because something that is useless can at least be set aside or thrown away. This is 100% detrimental to the entire VR/Pimax experience.


Just use an older soft version. problem solved

Thanks, I did try that. Unfortunately older PiTool versions often don’t work properly in 90hz on 8K-X, fail to detect the HMD without software re-installs and restarts, etc. I’ve extensively tested exactly this scenario and the oldest version that works reliably with my HMD is the very first version that adds the 3xMS function. So older versions aren’t an option, and versions that do work add this horrible ‘feature.’


For me, the stablest of all 90Hz combi - Nvidia 471.11, pitool, Firmware engineer 298

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