Iracing may possibly not need parallel projections anymore on thursday

from the iracing forum:

Our awesome alpha testers, well one of them, reported that we likely fixed the issue with the Odyssey today in a testing version…

If true, we plan to release it in a patch thursday!

What the fix involved was using the per eye to HMD xforms coming from the headset, rather than just the eye spacing. Previously we ignored some of the per eye coordinate system information, because it did not exist in very early HMD SDKs, and even in newer ones was usually the same as not using it. But some HMDs seem to need it, and more will going forward.

This may also fix the issue with non-parallel projections for the primax.

the fix has the potential to improve all OpenVR headsets.


Awesome! This, plus Single-Pass-Stereo (which is apparently awesome as of the update today) will be glorious.


Yeah already the best optimized vr racing sim will now be even better on the pimax :slight_smile:


I can already tell that grids have less lag with SPS. Good stuff.

I would be interested to know if SPS will work together with non-parallel projection, because, technically, according to Nvidia, it should not.

on the 5k in iracing you use sps on parallels off.