Internet browser?

I would like to check 360cities with my Pimax, what is the best way to browse internet?

I am using Virtual Desktop and a regular browser, 360cities has a VR mode which lets you view their videos in SBS. Head movement is not tracked, you’ll have to change view with the mouse.

360 mode is fine, the 3D experience felt a bit off.

It’s more for stereoscopic photos and it’s pointless if head movement isn’t working.

As long as the image is fullscreen you can enable SBS mode in VD and view it untracked.

Supposedly SteamVR comes with a browser, but it’s said to be not that great.

Just figured out with nothing else running but SteamVR you can watch a tracked version of the 360cities videos with a regular browser(need to click Enter VR button displayed in video).

Dunno why their SBS is off, I’m getting double vision.

Tested with FireFox.

Edit: mistakenly thought that the Steam Video Player did the trick

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Indeed got it working with chrome, for some reason I have to “enter VR” twice and get PP turned on for stereo photos. Thanks

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