INT shows ultra high PPI OLED on glass for VR

Very interesting development:

Keep in mind that this is NOT microdisplay technology, so this means it should be very easy to make them a bit bigger (for wide FoV)


such a badass time to be alive, seeing all this awesome tech developing. 2.200 PPi is amazing.


they start with medical and defense - sounds expansive
anyway our problem for now and at least 2-4 years seems to be the gpu power
the optical problems can be solved, the xtal seems to be proof of that

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I’m actually beginning to think the problem is with fixed pixel displays. We have these displays with insanely high pixel counts, that need super sampling, stable FPS, black frame insertion, post effects etc. just for the image to be free of lag, to have low loss of motion resolution, and littlr tearing.

If VR displays were based on SED or FED (flat panel CRT successorsl developed in 2006-07) then gpu’s could handle variable resolutions and high refresh rates without the inherent drawbacks of LCD and even OLED.

Just today, Digital Foundry released a video of them playing control with RTX at max qualoty on a Sony Trinitron FW900. 100hz at 1024x768, but razer sharp picture with no lag, no loss in resolution with motion, and color and black level surpassing OLED.

Sometimes industry makes the wrong choices for the direction technology should go, in my opinion.

Here is a discussion of SED, what may have been.


It’s not that the wrong choices are choosen, it rarely happens…it’s that the choices are ALWAYS manipulated, and always point in a precise outcome and agenda, step-by-step for some who pull the strings, but very few notice it , because the small steps…

Take for example the direction and small steps Wi-Fi and cellular tech have made, so no one could sense what it was causing.

One day you will all know what I mean… :slight_smile:

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Its nothing more nefarious then the usual engineered obsolescence, and cash.

I mean, back in the 80s they thought plastic and styrofoam were the bees knees, but it turns out glass bottles, cans, and wax paper packaging were better environmentally.

CRTs died because of the heft of those bastards. That FW900 is 100 pounds. (Wish I could transport one lol) but really, SED and FED got locked in patent holder purgatory. Its all down to money and the fact that the industry moved on to OLED.

Its just sad to see great tech die because of idiots.

I mean, in the video, Alex was playing control with maxed RTX at 120hz at 1024x768, and HE SAID "I prefer this to my 4K LCD.

These RTX Gpus would be absolutely phenomenal if we still used CRTs

They played quake Ii RTX (full path tracing) at 100hz.

If we had SED in VR goggles, you could have fully path traced VR. That would mean all distortion could be eliminated for even cheap lenses, and (because of how you are rendering,) there would be little loss of detail or definition across the image and FOV. Effectively, you could selectively cast rays only where they are needed, so even a low res source would look awesome.


True, but there’s already better display tech that that, and way better than LCD and Oled, and believe me…it’s not a little better, it’s 10 generations ahead, but it’s not made commercially available and is kept well hidden (for now…) because the science behind it has been kept hidden too for nearly half a century.

This will nevertheless come out at one point, because times are changing already and humanity needs to make a quantum leap ahead, otherwise the alternative is to face extinction, and the world’s best minds and scientists know this already…

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They sure as hell dont act like they know a damn thing.

yeah and its wireless display tech that connects to devices by subspace transmission, also you won’t need a power supply, it draws its power directly from subspace - I’ve seen stargate too and know whats around the corner

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yeah because we all know that tech is hidden on purpose because no on wants to up end an industry and make tons of money in the process.
I mean apple had had the iPhone ready to go in 1979 but sat on it until it really needed it.


Good old Digital Foundry.

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Your Damn right, they are awesome.

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