Instead of a treadmill: use a chair with sensors

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As we all like to move arround in vr, there are opportunities to a treadmills (like these Top VR Treadmills Virtual Reality Locomotion - YouTube):

Voodoode reviewed the cybershoes
here: Cybershoes review - Run through VR games while seated! Is it worth it? - YouTube

And there is also an alternative here:

what do you think?


I have been keeping an eye on the latest VRGO Mini-move. I am not sure how comfotable it would be for long gaming sessions moving it that way, but I of course wouldn’t write it off without trying it out.

I have also tried a few locomotion options for VR. I have also have the the Cybershoes and reviewed them. My reviews can found at;

Written: Cybershoes Gaming Station Review - The VR Realm
Video: - YouTube

I have also tried the 3dRudder, which is foot montion controller-

Where I have used the PC version of this controller, I have not reviewed. But here is some gameplay footage using it - - YouTube (it has a live mirror of the controller in the bottom corner of the video)

I have also used the PSVR version of the 3dRudder controller, which works in the same way, and reviewed that. You can find these reviews at;

Written: 3dRudder Review (PSVR) - The VR Realm
Video: - YouTube

So, that is another option of locomotion in VR.


So the VR Go mini looks like sitting on 3drudder.

I wonder if that would work.

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Yeah thats what I get from it, was why I was thinking would it comfortable for longer game sessions. The foot motion option is more natural then moving your body about.

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I dunno if that would be useful but i think you can get much the same functionality with a wii fit board:

If you are more of a DIY guy you can put an arduino with a gyro on a balance board to get closer to the form factor of those balance things:

If you happen to have a spare smartphone with a gyro you might be able to repurpose that instead of getting and messing with an arduino because i know there are multiple apps that translate phone lean into joystick axis.

To get something like the 3d shoe thingies you might be able to repurpose a regular mouse for each foot, make a new tops to get them flat, or extract the sensors and to them out in front of the toes or on the sides, put them on shoes and figure out how to grab the signals and translate somehow.

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I have both the cybershoes and 3drudder. And the 3drudder gets 0 playtime. CyberShoes are so much better.

but they aren’t perfect. I feel like they are overpriced for what they are.

I think they could make a home focused version that was more like an actual rubber sandal meant to be worn barefoot or with socks. And they could do something to allow side ways movement.

maybe a combo of Cybershoes and VRGo mini for strafing could work.


I would think the seat thing wouldn’t work that great, as it would keep you from being able to crouch or get on the ground, as well as keeping you from leaning around corners and such since you’d trigger directional movement doing so, if I’m understanding its function correctly.

For me, if I’m gonna sit, I’m also gonna use an xbox controller. Otherwise I’ll be on my feet and want full range of motion available to me.


Yeah I have found since getting my Cybershoes I don’t really use the 3dRudder anymore. If I am going to use on I always set-up the Cybershoes.

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you can actually crouch because they have a feature called z-scaling.

leaning around corners is no issue. only weakness is strafing.

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