Inside out tracking controllers?

Its nice that Lighthouse is supported for the enthusiasts that have it already. For guys and girls getting to the next level from the Quest 2 entry, LH is not an option though, as its pricy and bulky and quite immobile. The pimax controllers not tracking out of sight are not a good fit for highend headset like the Crystal oder the 12K. Are there any plans to make the controllers track inside out like the Quest pro controllers that is quite state of the art?

i’d say look in another direction, pimax will adapt that if its part of qualcomms Snapdargon XR(4?) package
if you see that on CES as demo’s by qualcomm powered devices it will be the time to expect that from pimax

I really hope so as Lighthouse 2.0 is not an option for most of us who do not have it yet. As I read even outdated for Valve as they seem to look for ways to Lighthouse out of the headset. Not tracking the full space around you is simply said - bad tracking. And that’s the case you get with a Pimax atm.

Sure it is. You just have to be a big enough enthusiast to want the most accurate tracking. If you don’t play games that have the potential to occlude IO tracking then that will suffice.
Like throwing a 4090 at getting the best graphics some will do the same for best tracking. Some enthusiasts are more enthusiastic than others. :grinning:

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Nah, outdated LH 2.0 is a bad excuse for good tracking when the Quest pro controllers already track flawlessly without no-tracking spaces. In to out tracking is the way and even Valve seems to try to get rid of it according to Bradleys Lighthouse youtube. For me, just hopping the highend train soon, the Pimax controllers and Lighthouse 2.0 are a 100% dealbraker. At current state I will not buy the Crystal or 12K. It will make me wait for a headset that makes it possible to track perfectly without LH.
But of course some enthusiasts have different opinions than others, right?

“This Is The Way” :smiley:

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