Info about the 5K OLED and CLPL options

You’ve said that we will get to choose between the OLED screens and CLPL screens on the 5K headsets previously.
If this is true, will we have to pay more to choose one display over the other?
And will choosing one display over the other delay delivery time?

I read on KS that they’re not going to bring out OLED anymore, only LCD

They’re going with LED, and giving people the option to have a OLED screen if they want it in the survey at the end, as there’s been so much demand for it.
What I’m trying to find out if that OLED option will have to be paid for extra, or if we can just choose between them without extra cost.
I can try and dig out the comment where they said it if you want? :slight_smile:

We have been paying attention to this matter and the current plan is not yet decided. We may make some adjustments before the kickstarter campaign ends.

Please consider and publish the subpixel pattern of the screens! I wouldn’t want to trade a third of all subpixels for the extra contrast.

Any update on that? OLED and removal of a scaler sounds more appealing to me than higher resolution in LCD.

We plan to develop the business edition, but not yet decide whether launch 2c version, it depends on market demands and sourcing capabilities.

What do you mean by ‘launch 2c version’?

That means: public version

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Oh! I guess 2c = “to consumer” as in B2C

Yes, as you say.:slight_smile:

What do you mean removal of the scaler?
I believed only the 5k version had the OLED display if I was correct(which doesn’t use a scaler), or are they talking about a 8k OLED version now?

I was referring to the differences; that simply not having a scaler (as is the case in the 5K model) is more appealing to me than having one (as is the case in the 8K model). The 5K model on the Kickstarter campaign does not have an OLED display, but a 5K model they’ve demo’d on the road does.

@Matthew.Xu @deletedpimaxrep1
What was the decision on the screens for the 5k and why ?
And does the 5k get brainwarp ?
I’ve got a 5k backed as it was getting the oled screens initially but if you are putting other screens in I want some justification as It may make me change my mind to the 8k.
Cheers and thanks.

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5k uses clpl screen,
All the features except resolution is the same between 5k and 8k, including brainwarp.

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Thank you for the fast information @deletedpimaxrep1 :slight_smile:
Any particular specifics on the screens you can give us ?

What are the specs you are interested in?

So if there is no upscaler in 5k,
Does 5k reach constant 90Hz?

What the SDE look like in both, for us to chose between oled/clpl?

Mainly a review of the 5k would be good.
A comparison to the 8k would be good but just a review would be helpful. Has it been Demonstrated alongside the 8k
Does it get the display port.?
I Assume that as it’s not pushing anywhere near the resolution of the 8k that it is a not having any issues with stability at its goal framerate.
Many thanks as always :smile:

hi, the specs of 5K are exactly the same with 8K, except resolution.
so yes, 5k has the same interface.

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