Indicator light description

Here is a description of the indicator light.Details are as follows.

Red:The DP interface is not plugged in or the power adapter is not connected.

Green:Helmet normally connected.

Purple: Parallel projection is turned on.

Blinking: DFU mode (please contact technical staff).

More please check this link:


Sorry i don’t speak very good English. I’ve tried several different ways to fix my problem. My problem is that my Pimax headset isn’t being detected by the lighthouse/s. We deleted the lighthouse folder but that didn’t seem to do anything. I’d appreciate if you could help me out that would be great! Also, do i need to have both of the lighthouses or can I only have one?

You can use both 2 lighthouses and only one if you like.

ok but i still have the problem not tracked

1 LH or 2 LH don’t still sing no tracking

you can create a ticket on support:
we will check your issue asap.

i did but the ask me log but i dontknow what are the toaking abaut

what is your ticket number?


Reply above this line.

sean huang changed the status to 执行中.

sean huang commented:

dear backer,
Please leave the log for us, we will let RD to analysis.
tks to support pimax!

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This is shared with federico m caruso.

PIMAX VR, powered by [Pimax](file://, sent you this message.

ok,Is it possible to remote control to you via teamviewer application?


543 090 338 ps 9870 tk

Marcello, are you close from base station ?
needs 2 meters to detect .

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wow Doman is the man grazie mille agane

hey Doman.chen it duing agan not tracking

we can check again when you are available.

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hey sorry her
e it is the teamv

Good job @Doman.Chen,this topic will help lots of backers to know their headset status