Index controller joystick replacement with Hall Effect sensor

Just saw this video on replacing the joysticks on the steam deck with new hall effect joysticks. They even support the capacitive touch.

I am seriously wondering if these could be used on the Index Controller.


Amazon link

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The Steam Deck is built modular, with the joystick units mounted on plug-in boards. The units are are significantly larger than the soldered-in ones in the Index controller, whose touch sensor connection is a very short, and very delicate flex circuit.


EDIT: That said - if we’re talking more invasive modding, the sky is the limit. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’d think at the price of the index controllers they would have went with hall sensors, especially considering how much they must have lost due to stick drift RMAs. I know they are more expensive but realistically how much more would it cost? 2-5 dollars?


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