Incredibly confusing forum

Is it only me that find this forum unbelievably confusing and disorganized? Just to find a download link for the latest Pitool takes forever! For example, I have not yet been able to find a download link or release notes for the new V1.0.2.087 except for a link in Swevivers post about the PE V0.74.0.0! No other post anywhere!? Just make the forum like every other forum with easy to find topics and clear and separated stickys on official releases and beta versions of the software for each headset! Every other game, software and hardware manufacturer get this right so it should be an easy fix!


Welcome to Pimax Forums and Pimax hardware and software experience. It may take some growing pains to get use things. Hope you soon get some enjoyment out of your device.:crossed_fingers::blush:

5 Likes is not a normal release.

However if you check #Pimax-pitool:Pitool-Notes he posted there with a link to his post with the download links for it and PE.

Generally Pitool Downloads go there.


This is actually an amazing forum, which does not impose much on you. You can discuss headsets and then suddenly discus headphones, or cars, or taxes. Everything is possible.

There is quite a lot of useful and interesting info on this forum as well. But you will not find it. I cannot even find my own posts and I know exactly what they were talking about. As a newcomer, you have no chance. But you can stumble upon some, if you do not look for them. This is kind of Zen like experience.

Sometimes there are so many posts at time, you simply miss some. Or many.

There are many categories, but they have some convoluted names, like “other headsets with big green controllers”, or “steamvr headsets and black headphones”. It may look confusing, which category to choose, but it does not matter, because, if you want to stay on top of things, the only category which you should follow is “Latest”. There you have a guarantee to not miss a thing (or two). Because people here are creative and some posts you would otherwise never find.

Do not bother with “Unread” as it may accidentally make you resurrect some old info, which is probably no longer valid, because things in Pimax world evolve fast. Sometimes even faster.

Anyway, welcome to the community :wink:.


welcome come to our community. :kissing_heart:
We are preparing for the revision of the forum, comments are welcome


We are completely lost, it’s crazy. I pity the people who have invested and who know nothing about VR, they will go crazy with all these settings! Even I who know a little, I get lost, the hand motion does not connect in the games, I have every other station that is detected, we do not know that it beta pitool and dfu used for a minimum stability, and so on … I still haven’t had a real VR experience … backer, 3 years of waiting, additional payment of VAT, have the " a s s ", and still no controller , and it continues … nothing is synchonized, and I am not talking about the next obligation of the PC upgrade which will be compulsory, because even with an AMD Rayzen 8 core processor at 3.80 ghz and a strix gtx 1080 card, well supposedly 8k, you forget … pfffffffff I never breathed so much to be exasperated! A WHEN A FRENCH YOUTUBE so that we understand a minimum of things !!! WHEN does a software translation even if we understand a minimum, damn it’s crazy that it goes so slowly! There are language translations of I don’t even know what country it is, but French, no, it doesn’t exist …

I hope Pimax will update the official Pitool download page on their website because they are currently using the old version.

Is not you, it is confusing


Thanks Heliosurge…but I still can not find any link or release notes for that version :thinking: I think there is a lot of useful information on the forum…I just wish it was organized better and more clearly. But it seems it is known and a revision muight be on its way according to hammerhead_gal :smiley:


If you mean for Pitool 266 usually @Alex.liu usually forwards some release notes. However has not on this release. The 2.08x versions are typically internal versions for testing.

2.087 is linked in blue on SweViver’s Pimax Experience 0.74 post. Click on the blue 0.74.(it links to his PE 0.74 post with Download links). Need to get Sweviver to post full with DL links instead of just release notes on PE.

266 has some info during install I believe @DrWilken had posted ss on the install.

However pimax needs to invest some time in developing there release notes @PimaxQuorra; @SweViver can likely help as his and @arminelec’s Pimax Experience release notes are excellent.

The forum for these releases is in place; just needs to be better utilized.


Same confusing matter here.

First several times I tried to find something in the forum, I could not! I still cannot successfully find several posts, unless I accidentally stumble upon them again!

Specially when it comes to bug reports on the PE. Thankfully users seem very happy with the PE, so there is not much bug to report. I only monitor one section of the forum to prevent wasting my time and instead spend it on design, development and release of PE.

Unfortunately, some of the users still post their bug reports under other threads, which most times makes it impossible for me to know about. I might only them when someone (e.g. @SweViver, @Heliosurge , @DrWilken , @vorinami) tags me to bring them to my attention.


Yes, this forum structure is a mess. I typically need to keep four or five tabs permanently open, and even then I miss things.

But there is one perverse benefit. It is so hard to find what you need that forum users do not ridicule newbies for asking obvious questions.


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The Pitool and PE was just as an example. My main concern is the structure of the forum that makes it hard to navigate. And it seem that I am not alone in this. But this is not a complaint about Pimax, the headsets or the software, I have been really happy with my 5K+ and all that and the progress of the development😀 Just wanted to point out areas that need improvement ie. the stucture of the forum👍🏻


The problem was the redesign was patched on a live forum.

Ideally to fix things more completely a new rebooted forum from scratch needs to be made. That way folks can choose categories to follow as majority would be muted until you choose them.

It would also allow the removal of the old stuff cluttering things from obsolete categories.

PE release details and links should be only in Pitool release notes with either discussions/bug reports going into Pitool discussion with a primary tag being mandatory ie
Pitool or PE
Then add 2ndary tag
Duscussion, Bug Report, Feature Request, help

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A proper new structure would need to remove old things see post above this one.

This was patched. Search function is very helpful but ppl need to also learn how to use advanced search features. And folks have to be okay if pimax approves redoing things that it will be a fresh start with useful guide like posts and key updates moved to the new layout. Which needs to be built offline.

Then it is a matter of keeping things in appropriate categories and users not just randomly creating topics everywhere.

I do agree a complete fresh start is needed to make things easier.

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I should have added a qualifier that I and other users sincerely appreciate the work that you and others have put into the forum. Its existence makes being a new Pimax owner just about possible.

But a very small number of "primary"categories with a logical hierarchy of subcategories beneath them would make finding things a lot easier.


Indeed and thanks. It wasn’t easy to convert it while it was live.

It was far more chaotic to find things before. Definitely need to get things easier. With tools and an improve fresh start layout would make things easier to do.

I want to chime in and say the same thing again! I also appreciate all the work done here and by Pimax in general :smiley: :+1: And to comment on your post above from Heliosurge about topics disappearing…You could simply keep this forum as it is and lock it from any new comments when a new forum is created…Then we could link to older posts if necessary.

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