Incompatibility between Pimax and Forceware

Today NVIDIA released a new Forceware, 385.28, and I would really like to update my video driver, but the stuttering in Pimax is absolutely horrible, unplayable.
Is there any forecast for Pimax to be compatible with current drivers?

Unfortunately this is sometimes the case with new drivers breaking programs. I imagine the next piplay will likely fix Nvidia driver or Nvidia will release a new driver that corrects the issue.

We get that with Amd as well.

Note for new version.

what GPU you have and is G sync enabled? The issues log on Nvidia forums mentions that if you have GTX10 series cards and have Gsync enabled can cause stuttering.

Disabling Gsync can help while Nvidia fix the bug


I have a GTX970, and I do not have a monitor with GSYNC.