"IN STOCK" Pimax 5k+ Finally shipped after 20 days. FAKE TRACKING NUMBER?

So i ordered this a week ago, being “in Stock” on the website and it hasn’t been shipped yet? Over a week now! Sent 4 support emails, no reply.
In 20 years of ordering things online i have NEVER had something in stock NOT shipped the next business day ever!!!

Luckily i used PayPal so if i hear nothing soon i’ll start the dispute and being as bad as Pimax is at responding to anything they won’t respond to PayPal and i’ll have the money refunded.
Shame… I’d prefer it either,
A: Shipped now and we get the ball rolling on delivery.
B: Refunded ASAP and i’ll order from Amazon and have it by May 2nd.

Otherwise Fraud case we go.

ORDER P124699

Support Page is broken and one can not create a ticket!

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are you using the following to see where alongs the product line is your order currently located?

Sounds like you’re from US “Fraud case we go”.

One should not have to read around on the forums to know that they are really slow at updating and giving info to the costumer about the shipping process. It took 1 month for me to get my headset and when it finally arrived in UK that’s when i got a message from Pimax saying it has been shipped and will arrive soon. I knew it would take time and i knew they would mess up not giving me fast updated info because i read around on the forums before ordering. After all, the world isn’t as perfect as you may think, not yet.

The URL BigSerge posted didn’t show any accurate info for me so don’t trust it unless they fixed it.

@BigSerge Yes, not shipped.

@zoyer Mate i am nowhere near the USA.
Much closer to China than both USA and UK.

I move house in 30 days, i assume it will be courier so if i set up post redirection with Australia Post it won’t get caught and i’ll never see it. I need tracking and courier INFO before i move so i can sort this out. Or ideally have it delivered before i do.
Terrible service. So pissed i ordered it 1 flipping day before they opened Amazon AU store with it able to be delivered in 3 days. Ouch… If only i waited 24 hours.

Right now on the store page: " Delivery date : Get it as soon as 05/09/2019 - 05/13/2019"
So given a week has passed i should get it 2nd May to 8th May. I bet this is Blatant lies!

A heads up on your moving. I got a kickstarter pimax delivered to Australia. It came by Fedex with instructions “must not be redirected” which was a hassle for me as I left the country for a month 2 days before it arrived. Could be a bigger hassle for you. At least I could get friends to go get it from my doorstep.
It took over 6 weeks from Shanghai IIRC.
Might pay to befriend the new tenants.

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@flinnt This is bad, very bad.
Not good news. Why would this even take a month to be delivered anyway? Their store page says get it by 13th may.

Hopefully it’s much less time for you. Mine was in a batch that sat in Hong Kong doing nothing for a few weeks. This shouldn’t happen to you but don’t expect fast. Fedex only did the final part of delivery.

Pimax is just horrible at this.

I have no idea who handles this but he’s honestly not.

I recieved my backer unit 15th of January.
Both displays never worked whatsoever so file tickets emails emails etc.
Well the replacement, last week.
It was no less than 99 days to replace my fully dead on arrival hmd.
Only reason I got tracking details on either shipment is becuase I’m already registered with nearly all the various couriers in europe already.
First delivery I got tracking number by email, a week after they shipped it.

The replacement, last mail was “We will ship it in a week”.
13 days later they registered with DPD.
On day 15 it was on its way…

I honestly cant recommend buying anything from them, i really hoped they could step up, but they haven’t.
The device itself I cant really recommend either.
Yes resolution is great as is fov.
But the entire package is a PITA.

And honestly for my current main game I am back to just using my cv1 since compared to this “it simply works”.

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I ordered my around March 25th. The order page still says order received. Its been stuck in that status for over a month now. I doubt you are going to get your in May.

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Finally one reply to a ticket.

Derek VVV commented:


your order is in the queque to be shipped,

would you please wait for another few days?

Um yeah no, i requested a refund.

Have you gotten any word from pimax if your hmd shipped yet? My order is 1243xx. I havent heard anything yet. I am in the USA.

@Hswoo no not a thing.
It’s pretty poor really.

Seems like we are all in the same boat here. I guess all I can do is keep calling their China number until they actually do something.

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Got email saying shipped.

Fake tracking number?

What losers.