In need of some 8KX candy from Sweviver

Come on dude, show us some more stuff!

Edit - just re read this Martin and sounds a bit demanding. I said it tongue in cheek hopping to eke out something to keep us going! Really appreciate all the work and effort you guys are putting in.


YES PLEASE, I would love to see Boneworks fps with 8k X

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Maybe tag him @SweViver

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i think they got no working 8kx?

Yeah I agree ,it would be great to see some of these new games running on the 8kX , it would be great to build up some excitement and positivity on the forum!!!


Yes, in theory, Sweviver was going to have more videos and presence in the forums but this is too quiet. We need more benchmarks and games in 8kx and 8k+ apart from real shipping status. It isn’t nice to let preorder something that is not finished and ready. More delays!!! I’m still waiting for my stretch goals and the base station from very looooooooooooooong ago.


He’s probably taking a bit of break from the forums right now. I don’t doubt that the past few weeks have been extremely stressful with the backlash from Pimax day followed immediately by the roadshows then having the 8KX break during the middle of it. I can see how it can wear down on someone. I have to say this though, being a spokesperson, your gonna get a fair bit of backlash and shouldn’t take it to heart. People will see you as the face of Pimax even if you are not. Whether thats fair or not is up to interpretation.


He’s probably arguing with Pimax as they released that massive delay notice of the new headsets without telling him first! How would you feel as the company’s spoke person if they did that!

Maybe we will soon… just sayin! [;]-)

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Hey dude , well your going to CES !! Which will be cool !!
So can you give us a full rundown on both hmds ?
Maybe you can be the catalyst this forum needs!! :sunglasses:

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That’s the plan and thanks!


We don’t really need benchmarks and info as we all know that the 8K+ and 8K-X are going to be awesome.

You are just twiddling your thumbs waiting for shipping of those beasts. Not the only one but better they get it right and ship a great product than push it out the door early and have us miffed.:upside_down_face:


Seems you forgot all about the winky faces, idiot :wink:

Yes, more info / videos, tidbits, etc would be great for continuing to build the hype for the 8KX. Now it has all gone silent and people are all about getting an Index for Alyx now.

Marketing should begin before product launch and be continuous until release to build up the hype! But I guess maybe they don’t want to hype it more yet. They want preorders … but not too many?

Pimax don’t do very well with honouring commitments so its probably for the best.

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Prototypes are small in number.

I believe sweviver does not have 8k x now.

Next from Sweviver telling about a new 8K X for him coming :smile: