Improving VR FPS (Pimax 8K X) - which componet should I swap?

Hello Guys,

I need your help, I want better FPS in VR (Elite Dangerous) and I am not sure which componet of my pc I should upgrade (Pimax 8K X).

My specs:

Ryzen 5 2600X
16 GB 2160 Mhz Ram
Asus X370 Motherboard
MSI 3090 Ventus
Be quiet 850 Watt PSU
cooler Master 120 mm cpu water cooling
500 GB SSD

I think most likely I should swap the 2600X to a 5600X, even though I love my 2600X, it did not ever had a defect since 2018.
The 5600X should gives more stable FPS with very likely reduced fps drops (stutter)

Also my RAM is not the fastest one, maybe I should swapping to a 3200 Mhz RAM?
How big would be the improvement then for upgrading the RAM?

Any suggestions (and similar experiences of upgrading) are highly appreciated, thanks!


cpu for suuuuuuuuuure the gpu must be getting hardcore bottlenecked. upgrading the cpu means u gotta upgrade the motherboard too


Unfortunately, Elite D requires parallel projection, which adds ~30% additional overhead to your GPU.

While faster RAM will improve your system, generally speaking, it’s only going to make a minor difference, say ~2-3% FPS increase at best. It looks like you need a CPU upgrade. Make sure your power supply is sufficient for your new CPU, because water-cooling and a 3090 eat a lot of power.

If that’s out of your budget, try reducing your FOV. Currently, I only have a 2080, so I’m using Small FOV to play ED. I just pretend my space helmet is blocking the edges of my view.


I would agree with Others. Upgrade CPU & Ram.

3200 should be decent. If on a bit of a budget and not wanting to upgrade mobo atm look into a 3600x or 3700x. This will also give time to see how Amd corrects some of the usb issues reported on the 550 and 570 chipsets.


Thank you for all your suggestions!

Ok then I will upgrade my cpu to a 5600X and also my RAM, maybe also my mobo.


Throwing in with the others. CPU, RAM.

Will throw in one suggestion: Get an M2 SSD and put all your VR stuff on there. If your new board will support 2, put your OS on one and your VR/Game stuff on the other.

SSD is fast, but M2 will give you that extra bit of speed while loading.


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