ImmersedVR Launching XR Headset

These links for up coming Immersed headset could be a winner @Atmos @Axacuatl @Djonko @john2910

Has anyone else look over this hmd?


  • 4k displays
  • ET & HT
  • gains more Apple Vision Pro features

Great, one more 4k potato fov VR headset.

When the hell are we gonna leave the 100ish degrees FOV era?


Well As you have seen even Apple is stuck. It works out well for pimax as no real competition for consumer wfov hmds at this price point

For productivity I think this totally makes sense. 100deg is very usable for monitor replacment, and PPD is absolutely key so it’s the right choice.

For gaming headsets, I could not agree with you more. We should be at 120 minimum by now.

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