Image sharp on the sides but blurry in the center


I just got my Pimax 4K today and I cant seem to get around this problem.

No matter what IPD setting I try, or how I position the headset up and down, I cannot get the green cross in the calibration screen to be sharp, BUT the wording all around it is crystal clear.

Same issue occurs in games, the center is blurry/out of focus but all around the center is sharp and clear

I’ve tried it with and without my contacts in, same effect either way

I tried to just get used to it but after only 10 or so minutes of play it really starts to bother me.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

Hi Jason,

May I ask what’s your eyesight situation, normal eyesight or myopia(presbyopia) with glasses?

Please provide more info for our further estimate as below, thanks.
Serial number: (The label of serial number should be found on the helmet):

R eye -3.00
L eye -3.50
Astig in right eye

SN: 10071171501855

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your info.

Normally the helmet may automatically calibrate IPD for myopic users under 300 degree (-3.00), but users with myopia(presbyopia) over 300 degree or astigmatism should wear their glasses to experience it, please be advised : )

@JasonVR Does it look like the center of the lens is domed outward towards your eye and within this domed area is where it is out of focus? I was told that this was a problem with a small batch of lenses in the early days of the Pimax and it had been corrected. Where did you buy yours from? Was it an open box item?

I didn’t know about the eyesight limitations.

I tried using them with my glasses but that was super uncomfortable, I ended up returning the set. :frowning:

Your glasses are huge.

I have myopia and I can use Pimax4k with glasses comfortably (taking the days of extreme heat, obvious).

Buy a smaller one, it will be more comfortable in every way.

To be clear, I tried using the headset with corrective lenses, I originally tried it with my contacts in, then without.

I tried it with my glasses and that didn’t help and was also uncomfortable.

Sorry for late reply. I returned the headset but I’m thinking of giving it a second chance, but not if I’m just going to have that strange problem. I had no such issues with the rift or my friends Genbasic QHD, only the PiMax.

Is it possible I had a defective set of lenses?

If you bought new recently it shouldn’t be a defect, but if bought 2nd hand it sounds exactly like a known fault pimax know about , were they put the lenses in wrong holders, they issued a video how to fix this and sent new lenses to people affected to fit themselves. I suppose it is possible it happened again but I really don’t know, but blurry center and clear edges is exactly what happened.

Well the new headset will be here today so I guess I’ll know soon enough.

New headset is here, installing software now.

its a 100 version :confused:

It seems much more comfortable around the nose than the last one, maybe that’s just me ??

The logos are white, I remember them being orange… ???

It was either assembled, or packaged by the worlds hairiest human being, or an actual wookie, there is hair all over everything. 0_o will update when software stuff is done.

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Ok so it looks like this set is pretty good, the center of the image is very clear, I might need to mess with the IPD settings a bit to get it perfect but so far so good.

EDIT: image sure seems dark though ??

I think there is a brightness setting now. Any other updates on the lenses. I bought the Pimax last year, and hadd the blurry center lens issue. They even sent me replacement lenses, but still I had the same problem.

Are your lenses actually clear in the center? What about when you move the headset slightly up, or down on your head? Is it still clear? In my case just above and below the middle was clear, but the center was blurry, along with the edges.

Where did you buy the headset from that came white? I am wondering if there are any differences with the lenses from the old to the new headsets.

I bought it off of Amazon.

The center is Crystal clear, even if I shift it up or down. It’s completely different than the one I had before in terms of clarity.

For instructions on how to turn up the brightness and color vibrancy check out my beginners guide at

The old headsets had an orange logo, the new ones have white.
If your new one is clear in the center and old wasn’t then I’m almost certain you had one of the faulty ones with the mismatched lens holders that caused that exact same issue, since having a new one proves it was nothing to do with your software or eyesight and has to have been hardware related.


Hi Jason, thanks for your info.

Yes, it’s a new batch with black and white color.

It’s very strange that this blurry issue that only appeared in one batch that was assembled with wrong holders and lens at the first half of last year should be solved completely. Could you please send me the serial number of your new Pimax 4K headset again? Thanks in advance.

Hello, @PIMAX-Support

I too have the same problem: Blurry in the middle, sharp around the edges.
No problems with my eyesight.

Also there’s an odd circle on the left side of the screen in the middle of the lens. Very distracting.

Where do I send details of my 4K?


Hi, have you adjusted IPD (Interpupillary Distance) in PiPlay setting?

Please send the serial number of the helmet to
(Tips: The label of serial number should be found on the helmet.)

E-vendor and its link:
Piplay version:
GPU graphics:

Hello @Pimax-Support

I am adding my post here since I just got my new Pimax 4K and am experiencing the same exact problem that JasonVR had , center spot of the lens is very blurry but all around perfectly clear, also…as Thick8 hinted in this thread, lens look domed toward the eyes, adjusting various IPD values and trying 3 types of reading glasses changed nothing.

My 4k serial: 100711… (With orange colored Pi logo)
Vendor: Geekbuying China
Piplay ver.
GPU Nvidia GTX 1080 with most recent drivers.