Image of lenses' sides on the middle of the screen


I’m new on Pimax, i’ve received a 8K+ a few days ago.

I’ve some trouble to setup the headset : I’ve installed PiTool 262, and updated the headset with 264B firmware, when i try to cinfigure the lenses to my view, i’ve one image almost clear, but around the center i saw like the side of the lenses, (the outside part of the lenses doesn’t bother me), it’s like a black oval in the middle of the screen (not filled, just the outline)

I’ve try to move the knurl, the lenses move but i don’t see any change on the image, if i change the ipd offset in pitool, it’s affect the image but i don’t find how to make it disappear.
I’ve try to play with the distance between my eyes and the lenses, but it’s the same.

I know my IPD (60.5), i’ve try with it and change it (range 56-65), but this oval is still present.

Do you have some advice ? except change my eyes :slight_smile:


I have the same issue since ever. Dialing minimum IPD and trying alternate foams helps a bit. I try not to look for it, but when I do I can not unsee it. It‘s like a black bar in the center of your vision.


Exactly, i didn’t play with it for long, but i think it’ll cause eye strain

did you try to completely remove foam or even better the plastic gasket & push lenses closer to your eyes?

Your IPD unlucky is quite small for Pimax, but some people reported they ok with it with some side effects for sure.

Try also tilting (tip HMD downwards or vive versa) if heps use velco strap between gasket & foam to keep the tilting

As proposed above try set minimum mechanical IPD as much as possible, software offset won’t solve the problem, they can help with minimizing eye strain & convergence but not with lenses artifacts due to physiological reasons afaik

I also not reccomending this but just for your awareness that if you will like HMD & probably one day would like to try fix this it might help but no guarantee

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Yes, i’ve removed the plastic gasket, and try to play with the distance between my eyes and the lenses, but i didn’t find a distance to fix it.
I’ve also try to tilting the headset, it’s better but, it’s hard to keep it in the right position.

I’ll look at your link. Thanks

I Don’t feel to do this, and the big issue, if it’s fix the problem, as it’s a hardware problem, Pimax could not fix our headsets, they can only change in their future headsets.

It helps a lot to keep tilting, you can put as many lines of it between gasket & foam as you need on top or bottom of the gaskets velcro, so HMD will be tilted & stay in that position


hi, first, decrease the digital IPD value in the pitool. -2 -3 should be good. Then the HMd has to be pulled really close to the head. Only then do you use the mechanical IPD controller. Don’t pay attention to the numbers shown.

And yes, the thinner foam helps in the middle.

the Crossgrid Mod is well suited for setting. Instructions in the following thread (crossgrid = replaced Pimax Logo in Startscreen)

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Your issue could also be vertical ipd. I suggest in addition to adjusting the soft ipd -2 or 3 you also look into adjusting the vertical soft ipd.


Thanks for your replies.
I’ve replace Pimax Logo with the crossgrid mode, after decreasing the soft IPD to -3, i’ve move the mechanical IPD, but i don’t see big change all the range, except the lines are thinner in the lowest mechanical IPD
I’ve also try without the plastic gasket, the issue is almost disappear if i put the lenses very close to my eyes : my lashes touch the lenses, it’s too close.

For the vertical IPD : if a try to move (up or down) the soft IPD, i see all the lines going up (or down) but the image is clear when : left 0 right 0

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This gives more crisp overall

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I’ll make some simracing practice sessions (Iracing), to see if i get used to it
or maybe change the foam to have something thinner (easy to replace ?)

For me, when the IPD slider is off I can see outer rings of the lenses. Almost looks like a venn diagram if that makes sense, I can see an oval of binocular overlap pretty clearly. When I set my IPD correctly this effect goes away. My IPD is 62.

For ~ a month I was convinced eye strain is permanent with this thing. Now I find it just as comfortable on the eyes as anything else I’ve tried.

I also noticed the gap between the lenses (nose area) BIG TIME for that first month. Obviously if you focus ~2 meters away it goes away, but it’s very distracting. I’ve since got the DAS mod installed, and i seriously never notice it now. To some extent these HMDs just take getting used to.

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