I'm trying a new web browser so far so good Opera GX

Today i decided to try using a beta version of Opera GX, a browser designed for gamers with features usefull for those who enjoy gameing. What sold me on it so far was the forced dark mode, once i realized this was possible and google was indeed dark, along with free vpn i was sold. Deleted my old version of Opera and i think i will be happy to use this for awhile. No problems yet to report using OpenMR with it.

This may sound like an add but no, i’m just a VR enthusiast Pimax Vision 8kX user who appreciates the features especially the dark mode and thought i would share this.


Interesting, I am a fan of Firefox so I’m not likely to switch but good to know about this. May give it a spin at some point.

I recently bought an OLED laptop, so the forced dark mode might be nice for preserving battery.

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lol Opera. they’re back.

I just tried it and i’m actually impressed.

why was this topic posted here?

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