I'm not really the first one? Prescription resp. glasses Mount (3D-print suggestion)

Hi, because the official prescription mount is still delayed I was thinking how I can mount my own glasses into the HMD. Fortunately I found my old glasses with the “SwitchIt”-System:

I would not recommend buying those glasses extra for this modification, but I already had them (nowadays just only as spare-glasses if I looses my current ones ^^…).
Be aware I didn’t test it really on a longer time-scale, so perhaps I will be unhappy in a few days :wink:
But I think a similar approach could be used to mount better suited glasses (pilot-style and cheaper!).

My current design is a frame which is mounted / clipped into the pimax-hmd-frame on the top and holds 2 magnets. The glasses have an adapter also with 2 magnets.

What would I approve?
1.) A complete frame which is not only clipped on the top uses the whole pimax frame would be nice (but I think this is a much more difficult task to measure the dimensions. Are there chances to get a CAD-File for this?).
2.) Cheaper and bigger glasses I already mentioned.
3.) The position of the magnets is not really good. In the short time I tried it, I was not disturbed by it, but there should be a position which doesn’t interfere with the foam… This should make it also possible to quick-mount the glasses without removing the foam (the original idea why I was using magnets ^^ at the moment pretty useless…)

Are there other different designs, so far?
@PimaxUSA, @PimaxVR is there nowadays a estimated time when the prescription frames will be available?

Last but not least, some pictures:

Best regards


I thought this would be interesting for more people.
But I have to admit I’m not the first one :wink: But my concept is a little bit different than in this thread: Maybe a solution for prescription lenses

I modified my design further. After magnets on the top (also with changed position) there are also magnets at the bottom. Therefore the glasses-holder was also modified.

This is still not the final version. Big glasses are ordered and on the way. I will modify the design (hopefully) a last time when it is here.

Some new pictures:

The different variants while testing (so far ;-))