I'm Fed UP with Pimax officials and support

The last two official responses I’ve received from Pimax Support regarding my wish to exchange my 8K to a 5K BE has not been satisfactory. Support either tells me “we cannot provide the service to change the headset model for you since you have made the choice before.” or, “Sorry for the delay, we will ship your 8K headset asap. Please be patient”.

It’s important that those who are reading this know that the only choice I’ve made regarding a headset is when I made my pledge for a 8K during the kickstarter. So I don’t understand “we cannot provide the service… since you have made the choice before.” Like I said, the only choice I’ve made before was my kickstarter pledge. That would make supports reasoning for not granting my request to change to a 5K BE invalid.

It’s also been stated by Pimax administration and support that “Changes are not allowed”. Here is evidence that the ability to make a change is allowed.

  1. Read the opening statement by Matthew.Xu in his post “_The next shipment for Pimax”. In that statement Matthew.Xu wrote the following, " Since there is a sufficient supply of the 5K Plus headsets, if any 8K backers choose to switch to 5K Plus, we can ship it immediately. And meanwhile, 5K BE has passed the internal quality verification process, and we have just started to collect the number of those who would like to switch to 5K BE. If there are any backers who would like to change their choices, we will also give priority to the production of 5K BE. Please contact us if you would like to switch to the BE version."

Later in that same thread, Matthew.Xu reneged, " Dear, We posted on January 9th and told everyone to stop change the order.

“Dear Community, For Shipping headset soon,we decide to close the headset type change for managing ship information. Attention please,we will not accept kickstarter order change requirement.,the confirmed orders can not change headset type now. Thank you !”

If you read further down the thread, you’ll read where I brought it to Matthew.Xu’s attention that his opening statement did allow for the exchange of headsets, 8K to 5K+ or 5K BE.

  1. I also PM’d Matthew.Xu regarding his statement above stating that we could change from 8K to 5K BE if we so wished. Here is his reply, “Of course, I said that please ignore the previous information. Please send your request to support by email, we will deal with it in time. Thank you”

Matthew.Xu then wrote the following in the thread, "Please ignore the post that cannot be switched and we will delete it.
Please send your request to support again by email and we will update and resolve it for you."

  1. Now go to https://pimaxvr.com/products/business?variant=19913521496123 , Just before the SPEC information on the right side you can read the following, “5K BE As requested by the community, we have made the first limited batch of business model, Pimax 5K Business Edition, available for backers and enthusiasts in the pre-order as well.”

I hope you can see why I’m so frustrated with Pimax at the moment. I have all this evidence that backers have been authorized to change their 8K for a 5K BE, I have not ever exchange my 8K to any other model before, nor have I ever requested it until Matthew.XU made the offer to allow exchanges to the 5K BE,and yet no one in Pimax is listening! or at the very least acknowledging their own statements that obviously prove that such exchanges can indeed be made.

I expect my request to exchange my 8K to a 5K BE to be granted, enough of this erroneous miscommunication. It’s a simple matter of changing my order to a 5K BE so that I’m designated as to preparing shipment for Stephen Borick a 5K BE.

More importantly (and more frustrating), my request was approved by Matthew.XU through PM. All Matthew.Xu has to do is either make the change himself, or inform Support to make the change. It’s that simple.

I realize there are problems for a fledgling company and in miscommunication between those who do not speak Chinese, however… even with full explanation being sent time and time again to those in authority to do something about the problem, the problem have either been ignored or the continuous receipt of a “canned” answer… one can only get “Feed UP”.

This is day 10

  • Stephen Borick

G’Day Stephen, I went through a similar journey trying to get the 8k switched to 5K BE finally managed
to do so with Matthew.XU help .
I suggest you forward your missive to @PimaxUSA directly who is currently on the forum,Good Luck:wink:

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I finally got the email I wanted and have paid the $100.00 difference and sent in the order number. Persistence (public persistence) pays off.

Hopefully everything from here on out will go without a hitch.


Problem is pimax never pre-announce the final date of making decision.
@Matthew.Xu If company announce the final date, it will be official announcement and people will accept that they can’t chang headset right now.