I'm a backer. Can someone help me get up to date? Coupons?

I’m a Kickstarter backer. I used to check these forums everyday for years, but eventually I was waiting so long for updates that I just quit checking, knowing I’d check back later. That’s now.

Is there anyone that can help me sort out what I have left to do?

I got my headset. I got my Backer Box. The things that remain (last I knew) are:

-$100 downgrade coupon
-$100 eye tracking coupon
-$100 Wireless adapter coupon

How do I get these things? What happened to the Backer page here on Pimax? Am I asking this question in the right place? Please help me get directed to completing this long-running Kickstarter. Thanks to anyone that helps.

Usable for purchasing pimax products. You may need to poke support for code.

Contact support for discount code to purchase for $99 US.

Seems to be a dead item for current pimax models but can be used for a $200 discount on 12k when it releases. You may want to check in details on 12k trade in program.

There is some details here


Trade in some detaila


Thank you for the fast response, Helio.

For the $100 Wireless adapter coupon: Do you know if I can ONLY use it on the 12K headset? I’m still satisfied with my 5K+ and have no desire for a new headset.

For the $100 downgrade coupon: I was waiting to use it for Sword controllers, but now I see that they don’t have finger tracking like Index controllers (sad). Will Pimax let me use this coupon on Index controllers since they didn’t release the Sword with finger tracking?

Pimax used to have personalized Backer pages. Are they gone?

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Not sure on the wireless coupon maybe @PimaxQuorra can look into that.

Finger Tracking hardware is present but at thia time unknown if pimax will enable it as they did not initially get the “desired performance”; but might come later as Hardware is present.

Pimaxquorra would be best to answer/look into if downgrade coupon could be used towards index controllers.

The backer portal was said to be returning but at this point not sure if still happening. You can through a ticket recover backer portal info as they keep switching platforms without properly migrating the Data bases. So it is offline and support can manually retrieve it.

@Heliosurge Sorry to hijack this thread. I haven’t been on the new forum since it was redone. Looks like it has been a couple of years, at least. Anyway, it appears I can reply to posts, but can’t post new topics. I could on the old forum. I didn’t see a guide for what the criteria is that one has to meet in order to post. Did I miss it somewhere? How can I get back the posting privilege? Thanks.


Unfortunately the $100 downgrade coupon can only used on Pimax’s product.

This really should not be the case.
it’s not a generic coupon.

it’s more of credit, since instead of refunding us the money(200$ difference if i remembered)
we where given a 100$ coupon from being asked if we wanted go downgrade to the 5K from 8K.

Also, i never got the 100$ for the eye tracking either(was not aware or just forgot about it).
I remembered we had a Backer store with codes that was some reason removed…

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We have actually released a statement towards this $100 downgrade coupon in the previous update.

If you didn’t receive the $100 eye tracking coupon, I would suggest you to contact with our helpdesk, this should be appear on your account at our system.

Try what is detailed in post below.


@KingTodd is correct it was a credit originally said to be able to use on anything at time it was offered, only later was the terms changed.

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What was detailed in the post was that the guy’s user level was increased and then he could post. I did, of course, already try to first enter the subforum I was interested in posting to and then click the New Topic button from within it. No luck. My level must not be high enough yet.

Bumped your user level. But your previous level waa what I bumped his 2.

What area were you trying to post in?

Thanks. I was trying to post in Games & Software. I wonder if I have to log out and back in. Now that I think about it, the primary web app I manage at work is that way - i.e. a user’s credentials get attached to their session when they log in and are not updated during their session. I will try that. Sorry to be a bother. Thanks for the very quick reply.

Nope. Logging out and in didn’t help. I still get the note that I’m not authorized for the resource.

Are you trying one of the subs in the ss?

Permissions are set to everyone.

Well that’s embarrassing. I didn’t realize one had to drill down to a leaf node. Sorry about that. Posted my message. Thanks.

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No worries. Recent forum update seems to be causing some issues

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