Ignorance in Podcasts

My Dad, Robert Hines, brought this to my attention recently, Pimax headsets getting barely noticed (more or less).

Unfortunately, it seems to me yet again even for ‘tech’ journalists, not much investigation was done, beyond checking out the latest products from large companies. They don’t seem particularly interested in emerging technology, and get a lot of things wrong about the value of refresh rates, resolution, and the availability of relevant products.

Discussion of Pimax starts around 1:37:13 .

took an oculus quest to the shore

higher framerates

really low resolution of 4k per eye

I wonder if this ever shipped

I don’t think it did


This isn’t just a problem for Pimax, it’s a problem for technology. Too often, even relatively tech friendly people don’t seem very interested in investing in what is possible, until all the hard work has been done.

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Part of the problem is we need hardware to catch up with headsets as well as software being optimized to utilize current hardware to the fullest.

Unfortunately unless it is a console many DeVs don’t put as much effort into optimizing the code as a new GPU/CPU will simply do once released.

I do believe Pimax is heading in the right direction with hybrid solution with the 12k. Just have to wait and see how they do with it. Unfortunately with Covid Ramp up; looks like CES will likely have to be an Online Event again for safety reasons.

BTW - There is a fellow in one of the pimax groups on FB you might want to connect with as he is also very interested in getting pimax onto Linux. Iirc his name is David Merchsnt.

Please remind me again in the near future, and let me know if there is a way to reach him other than Facebook (eg. Discord servers).

I am currently in the middle of finishing a large somewhat relevant project.

EDIT: @Heliosurge

they’d likely have to have a pimax

Need to keep watch on who is getting involved with this, and make sure relevant people can get what they need (at least encouragement).

Awesome they should be able to even score a 5k+ on the cheap.

Will see if he has joined the forum and recommend him to direct contact you. It is a shame pimax doesn’t put time at least into there sdks as I recall in early days of Oculus others used the sdk to fill gaps in the linux driver

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This raises the interesting question of whether Pimax’s next headsets will use the same (or similar enough) protocol as the 5k+.

Although I am now prepared to mix MSW host with Linux software, because Ubiquitous Bash supports MSW natively now, it may be more convenient to stay with Linux OS host for more serious stuff.

By the way, in the opposite direction, I wonder if the Unix subsystem for MSW is reasonably usable with dolphin file manager. MSW explorer file manager has always been a severe drawback for complex projects, not having expandable folders.

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Very good questions indeed.

Posted a message to David just waiting on a response.


It did seem really strange that he led with the full name. I kept thinking “should I know this person?” why mention it otherwise?



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Uh…did you just link to a clip filmed in 1990?

Who are these boobs?

320x240, 30hz? Even the DK1 from 10 years ago was 800x600 wtf?

I thought FReality was bad.

This isn’t just pandering to the big companies, this is pure ignorance?

This would be like someone saying today

“look right now the internet is just dial up 10kb per second, once we get to 100MBytes per second and its available on devices other than your Desktop, then the internet will bmow your mind”

That would just be criminally idiotic.

These guys are literally poisoning the well. I refuse to believe they are this ignorant.

EDIT: just went back to watch it again…These guys remund me so much if FReality. Just a bunch of guys flapping their gums spreading misinformation, and couldn’t be bothered to do 1 google search to verify what they are even talking about.

I love how the one guy asks “did this ever ship?”

and the host (let’s just call him Mike) says an affirmative “no” like he knows what he’s talking about.

He’s literally on the webpage, which means he could simply type i pimax and they would see 100’s of videos of people using the headset or pimax or amazon where you can have one the next day.

Unreal. Fitting this show is called “Twit” because they are a bunch of twits.

Damn it, you posted this video just to trigger me didn’t you :rofl:

Edit 2: Watching @mixedrealityTV live review of the Arpara. Watch how he uses the internet to find the facts.


sadly VROasis, and his band of merry men, couldn’t be bothered to simply dig a little deeper to find information.

I’ll post Mikes ignorant review here as exhibit A


Just remember these “YouTubers” are not industry specialists :grinning:

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Alex definitely understands the technology - especially on the high end, and particularly on the video, audio, and recording side - he used to be at ILM. He is likening the current fidelity level of headsets to the 320x240 olden days of computer graphics, with great things ahead of them, for the benefit of viewers who are not into-, nor perhaps even care at all about VR, unlike us.

The style of Leo, the host, and owner of the “network”, has always been a bit about being humorously dismissive of products (EDIT: …including from his favoured Apple), and not seldom talking over interview guests. He has also firmly planted himself in the: “I’m holding out for AR - that’s going to the big thing” corner. He does not research further, there - he wants to move on to other topics.

Georgia keeps quiet here, but she’s possibly a greater VR enthusiast than any of us, whose family has dedicated several rooms in their house to VR only. :9

Unfortunately twit.tv has over the years dropped all their best and most hard informative shows, as their (each individual show’s) viewer numbers have fallen below advertiser attraction level, in favour of ever more guff about mobile devices and social media, which is what the people wants, apparently.

Their tech news show (unlike this, which was from their “Leo and three guests indeed casually flapping their gums at the end of the week” show) used to be a twice daily affair, with three full time hosts, who somehow managed to fill the air time with news reporting content; Today, it has regressed to two guys briefly summarising the week on Fridays.


Thanks for adding more examples.

100% exactly my thoughts, ‘LMGTFY’
or even Amazon search now

Honestly, I think either they are just that ignorant, or they are far too careless to go back and admit it later.

Just on the visual side, not so much though. Going from 60Hz to 90Hz isn’t that big of a difference, especially for most things, much less so at 90Hz to 120Hz. Likewise, from 4k/eye to 8k/eye isn’t really much of a practical difference.

Unless the baseline is what a standalone Oculus Quest can do, using those pixels just because it can’t afford to do any supersampling at all.

Basically the podcast gives the impression that Oculus Quest is the only thing that exists, because if it doesn’t work 100% out of the box, it’s a write off. Like everyone can have all the money in the world but can’t be bothered to walk down to the local hackerspace/makerspace or graduation job fair from the local high school, with the instructions ‘go build the best VR PC with the best VR headsets so I can try them out’. There may be some other opinions among the panel, but the podcast is selling a very lazy attitude.

Maybe it would help if more people would demo high-end VR headsets, both Valve Index and Pimax, side by side, portably, with proper flight sims and such, out of the back of a truck. Of course, the last two years have not been the best time for that…

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He was at CES with me, and I have a habit of attributing, rather than risking accidental plagiarism, of sources, in case of content reuse in the distant future.

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