If you have a small problem with your Pimax HMD I highly recommend not sending it in for rma

I sent out my 8kx after waiting a while to receive it because of a light leaking out the lens and crazy mura. Well I regret sending it back.

I sent it for rma 4 weeks ago and took 2 days to get delivered. I live like 1 hour away from the Pimax in California that they made me send it to and I still don’t have my replacement.

Every time I ask any updates or where it is. all they say Is I made your order top priority at the helpdesk and some bs like that. Then finally 4 days ago they updated my ticket saying Ill let you know if its sent out in 1-3 days, and guess what, that was 4 days ago and nothing. Its literally like 1 hour away, why does it take so long for me to get a replacement from their? All I receive are sorry stupid “sorrys” and “top priority”

I’m afraid to rma my index controller that came broken so I think I rather have a broken bad experience than no experience at all.

So if you wanna RMA something, just know you won’t be getting it back any time soon…

one month is far from record breaking and i’m pretty sure they send you headset to china from how its sounds its not a replacement


I know people have waited longer, but people shouldn’t be waiting in the first place, and no compensation either…


In a away I agree. RMA wait/delays should extend the Warranty equal to the wait time. A year warranty isn’t good if it takes 1 to 3 months to get a replacement after it being returned/approved for RMA.

A recent post not sure where has mentioned pinax is out of stock on Index Controllers from a fellow user.

@pimaxquorra can you confirm and have warranty vs RMA time to replace? As if a member waits 3 months on an exchange/cable shipped that is 25% of the warranty used up without being able to use the product.

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I was told they were receiving a shipment last friday. Warranties should be/ better be at the top of that list. Any thing short of that is unacceptable

Hello Sir, what is the ticket number you submitted? I will ask the customer service to check and confirm the situation

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7837 and 8809 are the ticket numbers for my faulty items

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Did you ever get an update? I also have a unit in for RMA. It has only been a few days since it was received, but i am absolutely not going to wait for 4 weeks, especially if i can order a new one and have it here in one week… :thinking:

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they said “you are in the shipping list” please wait patiently" since 3 days ago… don’t expect much

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Doesnt sound to promising. What a disappointment. I would have been happy to keep mine if it were a small issue, but having the right eye flicker a double image was un-usable. I have a job ongoing 5 miles from their “warehouse”. I tried to drop mine off as well but was denied. I wish i hadnt driven by. Seeing the scale and quality of the establishment gave me instant buyers remorse

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Likely just a holding company subcontracted by pimax. Synnex is one of those types of companies.

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