If we ordered the 8kx with the deluxe audio MAS,wil we get the standard audio MAS first?

If we ordered the 8kx with the deluxe audio MAS,wil we get the stand audio MAS first on delivery?Maybe its somewhere mentioned but i cant find it… @PimaxQuorra @SweViver

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Last I saw, they were planning on holding DMAS orders to ship all together at a later date, so no basically. IIRC it was 1-2 months behind SMAS orders.

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What! So we have to wait even longer if we ordered the pimax8kx with the deluxe audio MAS???

Unbelievable…with all the delays they could give us first the standard audio MAS…And after its ready give us the addon

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Your waiting on both MASs and the SMAS which has no firm date anyway is now delayed.
“We decided to go ahead and upgrade the material of that component. Since this uses the same tool the change will require 10 days.”


Another delay, eheheheh. Now it’s the SMAS (or so they say).
What really matters is that the 8kx has to be bundled with at least the SMAS, so the 8kx is delayed… again.
I really have no more expectations. Nothing surprises me anymore. August, September, October (1 year after i paid for the damn thing), who knows…


Making SMAS take much less time then 8K-X so that it should be any delay to talk about dont feel likely.

This post of @SweViver has the answer your looking for.


At least he confirmed for backers. He can maybe clarify if also applies to pre orders.


Good to see it confirmed here. This is an old post at this point but this is the response I got from PimaxQuorra when I asked about this. They said the same thing:


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