If there is a 4K forumthread and an 8K forumthread, why not a 5K(+) Pimax thread?

Why not a 5K(+) thread on this forum?
4K and 8K got their own thread and it seems the 5K(+) is the winner headset, but it doesnt have any thread at all.
Come on, @Heliosurge @anon23564932 Please add a 5K forumthread to this forum.


Yep, it would be a good idea to have a separate forum for the 5K+, especially for when the backers start to receive them.

Yeah, good idea. Let the 8k camp count their pixels amongst themselves!


The 8K forum is actually just the ‘new product’ forum

It says 8K. Not ‘5K’. Not ‘new’. So 5K deserves a place for itself. It is the flagship for now. ‘I think’.

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I remember when I was a young boy I created a topic about the lack of visibility of the 5K in the forum. Little did we know it would eventually trump the 8K