If a game is available in both oculus store and steam, where is best to buy it

Is there a difference in terms of FPS/image quality between the 2 platforms?

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I only use Steam games, so I’m no expert.

I do know that some games in the Oculus store do not need to have Parallel Projections enabled, while the Steam version does need it enabled. That means the Oculus version should run with an up to ~30% faster frame rate.


It will depend on games. I have an example with zombie riot that can’t be played with a pimax with the oculus version (can’t grab the gun at start menu to start the game) but the steamVR version works fine.

@neal_white_iii I didn’t knew about the PP difference, do you have some examples ?

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It’s something I read about on this forum. I’ve never used the Oculus store.

Not really answering OP question but can still be helpful:


The only one i have on both platforms is Rush. Oculus version was broken in the beginning. Both perform about the same but some course layouts are different. It’s colors are slightly richer on Oculus version.
Then there’s Oculus exclusives like lone Echo and Asgard’s Wrath.

I bought Creed on Oculus because it was on sale ($12) and scan the store for deals, but Steam usually has better sales.

Check for functionality on Pimax as there is the odd one like Echo Arena that doesn’t work. The Climb didn’t work originally and the menus are still a little fuzzy but the game is fine.
I would not consider many Touch supported games without Index ctrls, but with them they work really well.

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If you can get it on steam I would take it from there. You can often at a txt file in steam to play it as oculus game Vian pitool an oculus DLLs or the oculus launcher and benefit form the No PP options. Also the game in steam is more likley to work on a variaty of Hmds in case you have more then. Pimax or swap in the future


And if you want multiplayer support for something then of course better to have the Steam version


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