If 8K is coming soon, how about 8K-X? (Does same computer suffice?)

The 1180 will at most be 10-15% better than a 1080ti.
Heck the titan V barely scratches out a 25% lead for 3.5x the price.

For the proper usage of something like the 8kx, we will need something at least twice as good as what we got. That’s at least 5-10 years away. And with how transistor scaling is panning out recently it just might not happen at all.
Simply put. Moore’s marketing gimmick has been dead for a decade.

And Pimax was being commically optimistic when it mentioned a 1080ti for 8kx.

You will need the 1080ti just for the regular 8k.

And if you expect to downsample the 8kx is going to look worse than the 8k.

SLI is also not a basket I will put any money in unless you play Raw data exclusively.

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Sli & cf are not for vr. The new name is Mgpu since sli & cf work entirely different ie alternate frames vs alternate eyes.

Sure if your looking to dial settings up the min isn’t going to cut it. Like doom3 & crysis these headaets are ahead of the times.

Are you serious? as your earlier response on multi GPU was some software referring back to 2016: VRworks.
Do you think Mgpu is something for future?

Mgpu is in vulkan & dx12. Vrwerks & liquidvr may still have some bemefits; but if read right this is more 4 dx11

Okay vrworks & liquid still in dx12 & vulkan

But sli/cf being phased out for mgpu which is not the same as sli/cf; though often folks call them “vr-sli/Vr-CF”

It’s gonna be like trying to run two 4k screens at 80 fps. So just get one of the new Nvidia cards when those come out I guess. Probably like an 1180 or a 1180 ti.

I plan to wait for the 1180Ti for my 8K (non-X); until then I’ll be using a 980Ti with low quality settings. I think an 8KX will need 2 GPUs, until a 1280 is introduced.

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I think the X will work just fine with next-gen graphics AND foveated rendering (even without eye-tracking, decreasing resolution in the periferal vision is a MUST)

What troubles me is the dead zero ammount of news concerning the X.

Every fix for the 8K will apply to the 5K and 8KX. I don’t think Pimax will do any work specific to the 8KX, until after they start shipping the 8K units to the backers.

In principle, there’s not much to do: It needs 2 circuit boards that omit the scaler chip and those cards might be identical to the one for the 5K. Everything else should be the same.

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Advances in technology in one area will often drive innovation in another. We are potentially in line for a really nice “have our cake and eat it too” scenario where a year earlier we saw a leap in CPU core count and now a new GPU generation with a large jump in performance and focus on meeting the demands of 4k and VR growth to be followed extremely closely by the launch of a demanding next gen VR headset ( 8K and 8kx)… as well as the release of 4k gsync 144hz HDR monitors about 2 months ago…

that’s A lot of big dominoes falling every close together. Get excited people, it’s a beautiful time to be a gamer. :grinning:

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Where do you get 10 to 15% from?

I am sure I read an article last week that said the 1180 is about 50% faster than the 1080. So that would mean the 1180 is around 20% faster than a 1080Ti as there is a 30% perf gap.

Obviously this is just speculation as nobody has reviewed a consumer unit yet.

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You know that right after you buy a GTX 1180, nVidia will announce an 1180ti right?

Considering await time, no one really knows how long will it last until nvidia will start their sales. And honestly to say i cant even imagine the price of 1180ti :slight_smile: Non TI version must be still a good choice.

p.s. especially if we receive our headsets :smiley:

Please explain why SLI won’t work. I have a 1080ti and thought about getting a second one? What’s the problem with using two? #naïvenoob

Can’t remember but ages ago, but even the titan V for $3200 that you can buy today is only at most 25% better than a 1080ti. It’s going to be less than 20% for sure.

As for a future Ti version, the 1080ti was released 10 months after the 1080.

That would be my luck :slight_smile:

The problem is that many games don’t support SLI. VR appears to be particularly problematic.


Mgpu needs support by programs you want to run.

So yes it will work for programs that have support

Ie Nvidia Funhouse & Serious Sam VR are 2.

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@Heliosurge, Here is list I just found of vr games as of April known to support SLI :

  • Eve Valkyrie

  • FlyInside
    (VR MOD for Prepar3D & X-Plane 11) >> Note that VR SLI is not supported in FlyInside FSX, due to FSX’s older architecture.)

  • Nvidia VR Funhouse
    (If you’ve got two identical GPUs and a GeForce GTX 980 Ti, or higher, dedicated to PhysX, VR Funhouse will activate VR SLI)

  • Raw Data

  • Serious Sam VR The Last Hope

  • Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter

  • Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter

  • Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE

  • Star Wars Trials on Tatooine Experience

  • Steam VR Performance test

  • The Lab (Robot Repair)

  • The Talos Principle VR



Awesome. Though I was aware of the Steam performance test. Interestingly enough my old rig with 2x7950s scored Yellow(3.5 aversge) in SteamVR test & with only 1 card it said don’t bother & no vr application would run; not even 360 video. So I am curious if you get some gains with cf/sli even if not fully supported. Maybe on the vrcompositor side of things.